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Weah-Snowe: Things Falling Apart?

By Bill W. Cooper

The long existing friendship between President George M. Weah and Bomi County District #1 Representative, Edwin Snowe is said to be falling apart over recent assertion made by the Liberian leader towards the Bomi County Representative.
During President Weah’s recent visit to Tubmanburg, Bomi County, where he had gone to campaign for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Senatorial candidate, Alex Tyler, threw jabs at Rep. Snowe for using solar lights and rice given to people of Bomi by him (President Weah) as though it was he (Rep. Snowe) who bought the items aimed at buying sentiments from the people of that county.
Speaking to scores of supporters during the endorsement ceremony of former House Speaker, Alex Tyler in Tubmanburg over the weekend, the Liberian leader among many things stated that the items which the Bomi County lawmaker pretended as though they were his own gesture was sent by his office through Representative Snowe as a means of identifying with the citizens of that county admidst the COVID-19.
According to him, instead of Rep. Snowe being truthful to the people of Bomi by telling them who sent the items, they were however used by the lawmaker as a subject of gaining political admiration from citizens of the county, stressing, “You have to be careful with those people, because they cannot be a better representation/Senator for you.”
He added, “The solar lights that were brought in Bomi County by Representative Snowe were given to him by me, for you the people of Bomi and not on the basis of politics. It has also been rumored that Snowe had used the solar lights distribution to make supporters of the CDC believe that he (Snowe) is my favorite candidate for the midterm senatorial election; that is not true and Alex Tyler remains my choice.”
Meanwhile, in response to President Weah’s assertion, Bomi County Rep., Edwin Snowe said that the Liberian leader was not being truthful to the citizens of the county by misleading them on grounds that he (Snowe) received several bags of rice and solar lights from the President for the entire County.
Speaking on the Truth ‘Breakfast Show’ on Truth FM sometimes this week, Rep. Snowe who admitted that he did receive hundred bags of rice and 450 pieces of solar lights from President Weah; but said that it was for Senjeh District which he is representing at the House of Representatives and not for the entire county as being stated by President Weah.
According to him, President George Weah’s misinformation provided to the people of Bomi against him was only intended to tarnish his impeccable character in the name of campaigning for his CDC candidate, Alex Tyler for the county’s senatorial seat.
He added, “I do not need the support of anybody neither mentioning the President to raise my hands to be elected as senator of Bomi County because I am already marketable. It is just unfortunate that President Weah who is my good friend will give rice and lights to my district and then after few months, goes to a campaign rally only to mention about items he gave me.”
“I never planned on talking about this issue but I am only responding to the President because I want to set the record straight. So the assertion made by President Weah that he gave me rice and solar lights for the entire Bomi county citizens and I (Snowe) used it for political reasons is not true,” the Bomi County Senatorial hopeful averred.
However, with these latest words of words between President George M. Weah and Representative Edwin Snowe who are best of friends, many people are now wondering and speculating as to whether the latest statements by both of them will end or damage their long existing relationship shared over the years.

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