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Weah Says ‘No’ To 3rd Term Bid

By Alex Yomah
“I will gladly stand down in 2030, and hand the gavel of the Presidency over to any leader that has been duly elected by the Liberian people,” these were the exact words of President George Weah when he accepted a petition for a second term bid.
President George Weah said if granted a second term, Liberians should prepare themselves to embrace another leader when his term ends.
“This is a solemn pledge that I make to you today, and it is a pledge that I am committed to honor and respect,” he assured Liberians noting further that the Liberian Constitution does not permit a third term.
Accepting to contest the ensuing 2023 General and Presidential Elections amid a one million march from supporters and sympathizers across Liberia, the Liberian leader in a rather thunderous applause following a reading of a petition statement from the Chairperson of the President’s nomination, Emmanuel T.T. Swen, said he duly accepted and honored the petitioners’ pledge.
“Today, I accept your call for me to run for second term. I therefore appeal to all Liberians to join me in what you started five years ago. All of the CDC coalition members, of the UP, ANC, and Liberty Party, and all other political parties, are invited to join me in taking Liberia to a new era of Peace and Prosperity,” he stated.
“You can count on the change that I have delivered, and I will continue to provide more transformative leadership, in the supreme interest of the Liberian People,” he assured partisans.
“And therefore, I am here today to tell the Liberian people that I will be on the ballot as a Presidential candidate in the next elections,” he assured.

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