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Weah Running Political Party Not Gov’t …Says UP Boakai

By Alex Yomah

A member of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP), Joseph Nyumah Boakai, says the Weah-led Government is running a political party instead of governing.
The former Vice President expressed that Liberia is in dire need of leadership and is on the wrong road in search of a leader that has the passion for a country.
He expressed that Liberia needs an individual with the requisite experience and knowledge and that individual is himself, Ambassador Joseph Boakai and not anyone that wants to come to the presidency with a surprise package perhaps to hijack leadership.
“I am willing and ready to provide that needed leadership for Liberia” that is lacking which among other things, he said is causing Liberia to go down the sewer under President George Manneh Weah.
“We need someone who knows this country well, not somebody that will come with surprise package,” Boakai threw jibes.
The Unity Party’s standard bearer, Boakai failed to unearth who is or are the wrong politicians coming to the presidency with huge surprise package.
The Unity Party political leader’s latest assertions came ahead of the primaries’ preparations for representatives and Presidential candidates in the pending 2023 elections that is brewing confusion over who to lead the CPP to oust Weah.
J.N.B., as he is affectionately called, made the remarks yesterday when he appeared as guest on the 50-50 T-Max Show on Sky FM.
He further explained that the country is going down the drain and that the only remedy to revamping the messy economy is for the government to invest in the agriculture, road, tourism and the sanitation sectors.
Boakai alleged that investors are not coming and others are pulling out because of corruption and instead of officials of government encouraging investors to come to Liberia, they are behind investors for handouts.
“During our time, we encouraged investors; we gave incentives; we didn’t go around investors requesting for tips from them; rather, we encouraged them,” Boakai intimated.

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