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Weah On Saving Youthful Population

President George Manneh Weah wants parents to take responsibility in saving the young generation from substance abuse.
He said parents need to look after their children and instill disciplinary measures in various homes so that there can be proper upbringing of many of the children nowadays.
According to the Liberian leader, the daily increase in the number of at-risk youths in the country is directly or indirectly connected to how parents manage their kids at early ages before they become grownups. “Every family has a responsibility to their children,” he said.
“Some of us, parents, whenever our children leave us, we don’t care. We need to teach them a lesson,” he added.
President Weah cautioned that peer pressure, inhaling of cocaine, smoking of marijuana and other harmful substances that put youths at risk can be eradicated by the concerted effort of the government, parents, partners and the public.
He made the assertions over the weekend at an awareness sporting events that were intended to publicize the official launch of the National Fund Drive for the rehabilitation of the At-Risk-Youths.
“We, as parents are responsible enough to make our children come back from everywhere they go. We have to teach them lessons to go to school, so that their future can be bright. We all are responsible,” he intimated.
As it stands, on the 30th of June at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, the Ministry of Youth and Sports through Minister Zoegar Wilson and International partners to the government of Liberia will officially launch the Fundraiser for the National Fund Drive.
The drive is expected to raise $13.8 million for the rehabilitation of street youths that have become disadvantaged and at-risk, a situation which is posing a serious security risk in the country. The process seeks to rehabilitate, re-orientate and empower the targeted beneficiaries with many technical and vocational skills that will shift them to a better use for the future.
According to Rufus Darkortey, Chairman of the Secretariat on the At-Risk Youth Fund Drive, while the program will be focusing on changing the young people’s mindset, the laws on the book for drugs and substance in the country will be visited.
“There are lots of benefits to this country if we can reclaim and rescue the At-Risk Youths of Liberia. The liability of their estimated one million dependence need to be turned around,” he stated.
He maintained that the Bensonville Youth Agriculture Center will be renovated to host the project that has four stages starting with Montserrado.

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