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“Weah Must Be Your Motivation”…Cuffy-Brown Tells Vocational Students

By Alex Yomah
Twenty four graduates of Ambassador George Weah’s Global Institute of Vocational Education (GIVE) have been urged to get their motivation from the institute’s founder and vision bearer.
The Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, Celia Cuffy-Brown called on the graduates to add value to their academic papers, while urging the graduates to be motivated like President Weah who was never deterred by his wealth or age as well as the utter criticisms but mustered the courage to return to school and has proudly earned a Master’s Degree.
Madam Cuffy-Brown who was the motivational speaker at the program held in the Barnesville Community over the weekend narrated that her career pathway began from a certificate program after which she earned a Master’s Degree but that was due to her perseverance.
“Your greatest motivation should be President Weah because of where he started his career from and how he has ended up today,” she said.
Giving a brief history of the Weah she knows, Cuffy-Brown narrated that when Weah passed to the 12th grade, he got a contract to go to Cameroon and that was where he became a career multi-millionaire winning all of the accolades in the world.
What is motivating she explained, “When George Weah was getting his Bachelor’s Degree, the picture that grasped everyone’s attention was the one in which he stood with Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.”
“I am saying that show me your friends, I will show you your future and this is intended to motivate you so that as you have obtained this paper, you will not go and sit with bad people but it will serve as a motivation or a reliance for you to sit with people who will motivate you for a your better future,” she stated.

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