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Weah Lavishes Praise On Forebearers Of Women Leaders

By Alex Yomah
President George Manneh Weah has described Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, and Ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as women of substance; women of faith; women of endurance; patriots of the highest order, and exemplary public servants in Liberia.
He spoke at the program marking the unveiling of a portrait ceremony celebrating the Diamond Birth Anniversary of a very special person at the EJS Ministerial Complex on January 16, 2023 in Congo Town.
“You continue to be firm voices in sustaining the peace in Liberia and as Liberia’s Feminist-in-Chief, I am grateful to all of you, but especially to two of the strongest women that I have ever known. I speak of no other than you, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and you, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor,” President Weah intimated.
“As we join you in this joyous and auspicious celebration, Madam Vice President, let me, on behalf of my wife, your sister Clare Marie Weah and our children; the cabinet, and the entire government, wish you a blessed, peaceful, and wonderful birthday filled with God’s special favor,” President Weah said.
“Madam Vice President, when we should have been bestowing honor upon you on this your Natal Day, you have instead demonstrated a deep sense of selflessness by choosing to honor us, something that is a rarity in humanity,” Weah noted.
The Liberian leader accentuated further, “When you lift up a woman, you too shall also rise.” By the unveiling of this beautiful Mosaic, Madam Vice President, you yourself have risen to a higher height by lifting up women in our nation who have worked and are still working for change and transformation.”
He further termed Liberian women as trailblazers in their own rights. “Women who have broken glass ceilings, women who have boldly gone where many have feared to go; women who have suffered, and endured; tonight, Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, by lifting Liberian women up in this way, you are raising the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Liberians by amplifying and re-echoing the voices of these great Liberian Women,” President Weah sounded poetic.
“I am humbled by your preferment of me to receive this honor, but frankly, all I have done, and continue to do for the advancement of women, comes out of my deepest conviction that in Liberia, women are the roots upon which the Trees of our Nationhood can grow and blossom, bringing light and love to all, working in tandem with our Administration to realize the gains for a better and stronger Liberia,” Weah indicated.
“As I behold this wonderful Mosaic, I am without any doubt that all of these women, both past and present, have been strong women. A strong woman stands up not for herself, but for others. She is selfless, and not selfish,” he stated.
“In the course of our nation’s history, particularly during difficult periods, it is these strong women who have stood the test of time. I admire and salute you, my strong Liberian women. Your unrelenting efforts, your strong advocacies, and your persistent attitudes have enabled us to ride out the stormy seas, and advance Liberia to a peaceful shore,” President Weah concluded in earnest.

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