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Weah Criticizes Health Workers

By Alex Yomah
As part of President George Manneh Weah’s 54th Birth-Day message, he has criticized the aggrieved health-workers who he said have abandoned hospitals due to no increment in salary or other issues they termed as burning over the lives of ailing citizens.
President Weah spoke yesterday during the official launch of the group under the banner “Movement for the Re-election of Gbenhkubeh” held at the Paynesville City Hall.
President Weah called on aggrieved health workers to abandon their ongoing protest decision and return to the hospitals noting that their action is endangering Liberians who are in critical conditions at various hospitals.
He said non- increment of salary should not be the reason for health workers to allow their citizens to die, adding, “You think protest is the best thing to do to leave the hospitals when our people are sick?”
He urged health workers to ponder over what is going to happen to the ailing folks that they have abandoned in the hospitals.
“Think about what is going to happen to the people. Is it for that US$50-25 increment ‘Business’ you will leave people to die?”, he criticized.
“If government gives you an increment, I know it will not even reach US$10,000 and we can’t kill our people for said amount. I know you deserve it but let’s change our minds of protest and work together as a country,” he pleaded.
He called on Liberians to hold together and forget about the envy, hates and angers for the good of Liberia.
It can be recalled that Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe said that the government of President George Weah is open to dialogue with workers in order to amicably resolve the crisis.
“The government is open and ready to dialogue with health workers across the country. We have had conversation with them before and we are still willing to sit on the table and discuss for the betterment of all,” Minister Nagbe said.
He added, “The President is not willing and will not put citizens’ lives at risk, because it is his responsibility to protect every citizens, and in testimony to that, he has said that we continue to dialogue with healthcare workers to forgo their strike action and also ensure that health facilities across the country are in full operation to cater to sick patients.”

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