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‘We Will Talk
Tough, But…”
-Cummings Recommits To CPP

“We will talk tough but together we will be to defeat Weah,” the Alternative National Congress Alexander B. Cummings declared as he insists that he still remains a leader in the Collaboration.
He reiterated that he will ensure those wrong things that intend to corrode the CPP’s Framework are corrected and also vowed to be a potential candidate to reckon with in the CPP’s presidential ticket nomination process in December 2021.
Making the clarity yesterday during a press conference held in Congo Town, Cummings disclosed that though he walked out of a meeting called by the CPP leaders due what he called “repeated violation”, recent protest was not intended to part ways with CPP.
According to Cummings, it is not enough for opposition to just criticize government but fail to exemplify that the oppositions are an alternative or government in waiting therefore, his choice is to ensure that the wrongs are corrected no matter how hard the brawl may be amongst them.
“We remain committed to the CPP because we believe that collectively we can change the CPP and change our country. And to change our country, we have to be inclusive, but will it be easy? No! Will it be difficult? Yes. We will stand alone sometimes, yes! But, we believe that together we can change this country and we are committed to the CPP,” Cummings clarified.
Cummings admitted to challenges but admitted that he and his colleagues will sometimes agree and disagree in some cases as it is, but will not depart from the CPP, noting that the CPP is the ultimate alternative to give President George Weah a one term Presidency.
According to him, no one person in the collaborating can defeat President George Weah except a united collaboration like the CPP.
Responding to his decision, he alleged that the meeting had no agenda, while acknowledging also that he could not be a part of a ceremony that was intended to endorse Unity Party political leader, Joseph Boakai for the CPP’s presidential ticket nomination.
According to him, CPP was established in 2019 to serve as an alternative to the Congress for Democratic Change led government which Cummings alleged is doing nothing to alleviate poverty in Liberia.
He added that there is a need for real change to improve the living condition of the living people because Pres. Weah does not know what he is doing as a President and the worst of it, those he appointed are ‘birds of the same feather.”

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