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“We Will Not
Stop Practicing FGM”
…Cape Mountanians Challenge Internal Affairs

Reports reaching this paper say residents of Grand Cape Mount County particularly Kenjor are challenging the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ decision to ban traditional practices in the County for three years.
The Western traditional elders and chiefs from Grand Cape Mount County who distanced themselves from the National Traditional Council’s resolution intended to suspend a portion of their traditional practices told a gathering of lawmakers over the weekend that they will resist such a ban by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The residents made the staggering disclosure on the OK FM late evening news yesterday comes just four days when chiefs and elders announced a decision affirming their signatures to document to suspend the practices of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) immediately.
They described the pronouncement as a showmanship while announcing ongoing traditional practices in the county and disclosed that the investigation that was meant to inform such decision has not been concluded.
According to the Western Region elders and chiefs, they are not going to abide by the recent resolution signed by other chief and elders to evolve the practices of FGM here in Liberia reiterating, “We will not stop practicing FGM in Liberia.”
“No amount of international calls will discourage us from the use of the old practices. We will not stop practicing FGM,” elders and chiefs resolved.
The traditional chiefs and elders’ position in the policy document released at a two-day multi-stakeholders’ reflective sessions on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Liberia held is that all Sande society practices and activities are immediately suspended for the period of three years within the Republic of Liberia.
But Liberia traditional Chief, Zanzan Kawor, the decision to ban the county was based on accusation that some chiefs and elders were using the culture to intimidate peaceful citizens in the county.
It can be recalled that aside from the traditional leaders press statement describing the old practices as an act which is a violation of human rights and the health, well-being of women and girls, the head of delegation of European Union, Laurent Delahousse terms the old practice of tradition especially Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as something hurtful.
“Let us move on to a future where little girls do not have to go through FGM to become women. You do not need to cut a girl to make her a law-abiding, contributing, powerful, successful member of the community,” the foreign diplomat urged.

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