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“We Will Not Concede To Samukai’s Replacement” CPP Vows

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) headed presumptively by Alexander Cummings has reiterated that it will not only concede to Samukai’s replacement, but it will not participate in a subsequent election for his replacement.
The opposition political party maintained that the CPP will not field any candidate, noting that it stands with the people of Lofa County against the alleged political maneuvers by the Weah-led administration to have overturned the overwhelmed expression of the people’s democratic will for representation, when Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie Samukai, a CPP candidate, was denied being seated.
As the Legislature has rescheduled the re-run Lofa County Senatorial by-election for June 28, though has not been announced formally by the National Elections Commission, but the CPP said to also to participate any such process will be undermining and reversing the Democratic will of the people of Lofa County.
The CPP’s presumptive leader then called on all of its partisans to move ahead to continue the work of rebuilding the CPP with serious change partners in order to be the vehicle for real change in the country.
Meanwhile, in a nationwide address on Thursday, June 9 in Monrovia, the ANC’s political leader, Alexander Cummings said throughout his six months of political witch-hunt and persecution, he observes the dare need for judicial reforms, saying any nation without a credible system of Justice, is prone to lawlessness and conflict.
Cummings said, irrespective of the recent past attacks and snubs even by friends and colleagues, he will continue to oppose and disagree with the Weah-led government and opposition politicians who view public service as opportunity to steal and abuse the Liberian people’s trust.
He said the failed attempt to destroy the CPP and to weaken him through political persecution, has on the contrary, strengthen his resolve to accelerate more for real change for a better Liberia.
“Make no mistake, the lies and betrayals were hurtful, especially from people we respect and regard as friends, individuals we thought we knew well over the years. But our spirit is unbroken. Our resolve to change the country’s direction and improve the lives of all Liberians remains unchanged,” the ANC political leader said.
Cummings expressed thanks to the Liberian people, partisans of the ANC for the massive support and especially the Liberty Party, who he said stood with him and the ANC, every step of the trial, assuring them, that the ANC will certainly win the Presidency in 2023.
“Without evidence of any wrong doing, the real purpose of the conspiracy was to keep us entangled in court with bogus charges during the electioneering period, using the court to dishonor and smear our hard-earned reputation,” Mr. Cummings said.
He also expressed thanks to the two London based firms, Amnia and Alaco for their expert forensic investigation, which Cummings said the state was forced by the truth and lack of evidence to grudgingly surrender.
“It does not require international firms to unearth evidential truths in our country. Unfortunately, getting to the truth, was never an objective for those whose interest was to politically persecuting us and smear us.” the ANC political leader said.
On the Supreme Court of Liberia ruling to have declared a provision in a private agreement unconstitutional, the ANC said its obligated to honor the decision of the high court, and wished the Unity Party and All Liberian Party well in their future endeavors, but said the unprecedented decision by the court, will long be debated by Lawyers and Historians.
“There are vexing problems with the body of our country- inadequate roads, bridges and electricity, the breakdown in the governance systems, as well as the absence of courage, especially at the national level to do the right thing for the right reasons, with honor, integrity, honesty and truthfulness.
He called on political, religious, traditional, legal and community leaders to be enjoined in the cleansing of Liberia’s soul.
Mr. Cummings said the duty falls on all Liberians to become better examples, because according to him, the peaceful and prosperous future we all seeks depends on the values we will also adopt, “our children need us to provide them with better examples as our society needs us to become leaders of higher standards.” he said.
He said with the vast natural resources, “no family needs to go to bed hungry, no child needs to sit on dirt floor or stand under leaking roofs to learn, no hospital needs not have beds, medicine and modern equipment to give the best of health care, and no person working should earn wage not enough to minimally feed and care for their families.
Mr. Cummings said rich as our country, we should not be a beggar nation, constantly seeking handouts and for others to do for Liberia, what we can and do for ourselves, noting that it’s unacceptable that public officials can only be partisans and incompetent.
The ANC Political Leader stressed the road ahead is long and difficult, but said for the love of Liberia, we will have to travel that rugged road to meet the challenge for real change.
“Millions of our citizens’ voices have been drowned, their hopes dashed, with renewed faith and trust in God, we promised to travel that difficult road and stay focus on the objective knowing that we are fighting for our country and our people and not for ourselves,” the ANC Political Leader pledged.
Mr. Cummings assured that the real change movement is not about party or returning to the past, or few to benefit, rather, it’s about realizing our deserved future and Liberians getting maximum benefit of their God given vast natural resources.

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