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“We Inherited Nonexistent Ministry” …MICAT Boss Asserts

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Jerolinmek M. Piah, has made a startling claim that the current government inherited a Ministry that was ‘nonexistent’.
Minister Piah spoke on April 1, at MICAT regular press briefing, stating that the government is committed to bringing attention back to the Ministry of Information and its crucial role in national security.
“We inherited a ministry that was nearly nonexistent, but we don’t blame the individuals who were running it before. Our focus is on why the government chose to abandon such an important institution,” he stated.
He however revealed that the Ministry of Information’s website has been restored without any budget from the National Government, allowing anyone with access to a gadget to check it out.
“Visitors from anywhere in the world can learn about the country and its current affairs through the website; you can find current stories and pictorials showcasing our achievements and progress since the beginning,” he expressed.
He added, “It’s important to note that there’s another website established by the people who ran LINA that’s independent of the Ministry. However, we don’t plan on continuing with our website as we believe there shouldn’t be separate portals. Instead, you can click on a part of our website to find out what’s happening in LINA as a part of the government. We encourage you to assess what we do when you visit our website.”
In another development, Minister Piah said the Asset Recovery Team is vital for Liberia’s progress, and they cannot compromise on accountability.
According him, “Even if you shout in the middle of Waterside Market, the government will not back down from holding people accountable. This is not a jungle-like accountability, and if you have done nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear. No amount of noise or resistance can stop our approach towards accountability.”
He stressed, “We appreciate those who agree with the initial steps taken and have not taken the law into their own hands; they understand that the court is the way forward. This is how a country should function, and Liberia can progress if we break the cycle of public trust violations and integrity issues.”
“We should focus on improving legal processes that ensure conviction or exoneration of the accused. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty according to Liberian law. As a government, we will remain firm in our accountability measures, and no one will be exempt from scrutiny,” he assured.
Meanwhile, the MICAT boss announced that the Ministry of Finance has signed a loan agreement with the African Development Bank for the Manor River Road development transport facilitation phase three.
The project aims to upgrade around 48.5 kilometers of road that links Liberia to Sierra Leone and Guinea. This intervention will make the road more accessible and support the President’s vision for the country’s development.

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