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”We Did Not Kill Charloe” …Alice Johnson Testifies

By Grace Q. Bryant

One of the family members in connection to the late Charloe Musu case, in person of Alice C. Johnson, has testified before the Jury, saying that she and family did not have any mindset to kill Charloe.

‘’We did not kill Charloe. We never had that mindset to kill Charloe. She was very useful and helpful to us. She was useful to me in such a way that she will plait my hair on Sunday to get ready for school on Monday. She taught me so many things,’’ defendant Johnson testified.

Defendant Johnson further explained that on the night of February 22, she heard her aunty Gertrude and Charloe screaming in the house; while trying to wake up, she saw an image in the dark and later got stabbed by the image.

‘’In that time, I heard a male voice demanding for the keys; in later time, I stopped hearing the voice. So, I ran in Aunty Youdeh’s room and I saw her praying; after that, we all started screaming in the house, calling for help, then Aunty Gertrude climbed up and slid the window and started to scream for help,’’ she explained.

She added, “It took so long before one of the securities came to the door and Aunty Gertrude told him to use the cutlass that was in his hand to hit the window. When he broke the widow, Aunty Gertrude, Aunty Youdeh, and I, exited through the window,’’ she narrated.

According to her, she saw Charloe on one of the community members’ back and saw defendant Scott crying and screaming, requesting for her phone to call family members, but there was no phone around at the time.

She added that the late Charloe was taken at the hospital, but was later rushed to the Redemption Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.   

When the witness was asked about the relationship with the deceased, she answered that the late Charloe was her sister, but not from the same parents, and they both were related from father’s side.

Meanwhile, defendant Scott, Ma Rebecca Youdeh, and Alice Johnson, have concluded with their testimonies.

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