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VTF Donates LRD100,000 To YES

The Varney Taylor Foundation (VTF) based in the United States of America has donated the amount of 100,000 Liberian Dollars check to the Youth Exploring Solutions (YES) to foster Youth Leadership Conference in Liberia.
According to a member of the foundation based in Liberia, Varmunyah S. Sheriff, who presented the check to the Founder of YES Thursday at a local hotel in Monrovia, VTF was founded recently in Liberia by Cllr. Varney Taylor who based in the United States of America has contributed this amount to help YES youth leadership conferences across the nation.
Mr. Sheriff stated the foundation has contributed to the needs of some Liberians in several ways in their situations and looking at the function of YES in championing the development of Liberian youth potential through leadership conference is remarkable.
He noted that YES is expected to hold youth leadership conference in the month of December 2020 and the little donation will go a long way to enhance the preparation of the conference for youth in the country.
Receiving the donation, the Founder and Executive Director of YES, Atty. Stephen B. Lavalah expressed delighted and appreciation to VTF for contributing to the youth leadership conference intended to transform the leadership ability of youth in post war Liberia.
Atty. Lavalah stressed that it is crucial to explore the leadership potential of Liberian youth to drive the growth and development of Liberia in the near future.
He pinpointed that this year marks the ten anniversary of YES’s Youth Leadership Conference and the conference is expected to host 140 young people from across the nation to participate in a two-day leadership conference in Monrovia.
He noted that since 2011, YES has been holding youth leadership conferences on difference leadership skills in various counties about different aspects of leadership abilities in entrepreneurship, conflict resolutions, environmental awareness, civic responsibilities among others.
Atty. Lavalah maintained that it has been realized that Liberia lack leadership ability to foster adequate social cohesion and economic development to transform living standard of people.
He indicated that this year youth leadership conference will bring together speakers from abroad and local to motivate young people about enhancing their leadership abilities for the betterment of Liberia.

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