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Urey Warns Against Printing LD27 Bn Banknotes

By Bill W. Cooper
The political leader of the All Liberia Political Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, has cautioned members of the 54th Legislature to reject the printing of the new Liberian dollar banknotes proposed by the chief executive.
“To our senators and representatives including the newly elected ones, do not approve the printing of any new family banknotes because it is not in the interest of Liberians and the country at large and it will also define the 2023 elections,” the ALP political leader cautioned.
Speaking recently during the turning over ceremony of the CPP chairmanship at the ANC headquarter in Sinkor, Mr. Urey stressed that the proposal to print the new banknotes by the executive through the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) is not timely, noting that said decision is only intended to enrich certain government officials.
According to the funding chairperson of the four Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Urey, this not the first time the printing of some LD27 billion has been recommended by the CBL, pointing out that during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the bank did recommend said amount to be printed in order to change the mutilated banknotes on the Liberian market.
“This printing of the LD27 billon is also by far the greatest threat for our upcoming elections but all I can say is that we will be observing all of our lawmakers especially the CPP Representatives and Senators because any attempts to get that bill passed, will not be in the interest of the Liberians People,” Mr. Urey warned.
The ALP political leader further stressed, “We have forgiven this lawmakers as well as allowing their actions go un-check for too long. But from today upward, we will be checking their actions every steep along the way. No more excuses will be accepted anymore.”
Recently, when he appeared before members of the House of Representatives, CBL Executive Governor, J. Aloysius Tarlue called on the members of that august body to grant the CBL the approval for the printing of LD27 billon aimed at addressing the liquidity problem in the country; a request which also was reiterated by President Weah during his annual message to the Legislature.
Governor Tarlue among other things stated that although the lawmakers have not received an official communication from the CBL about its decision; he said, “We have now submitted to the President’s office the roadmap in addressing the banknotes shortage that recently hit the country.”

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