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UNDP Enhances NEC Capacity

By Alex Yomah
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with support from the Swedish government on Wednesday handed over to Liberia through the National Elections Commission (NEC) electoral items intended to ensure credible elections in Liberia.
Speaking during the handing over program held at the NEC, UNDP Country Representative, LA Lamin Bayai, in a brief statement, handed over several cartoons of ITC’s equipment to the NEC provided by Sweden through UNDP as an implementing partner.
“These items donated by our partner, Sweden to help to support the works of NEC. ICT as we all know, is an integral part of any electoral process because it is where you keep your data; that is where data and everything is setting; That is where you ensure that work done is assessed, evaluated, so, we are happy on behalf of our partner, Sweden to handover to the Acting Chairperson of NEC to help with the electoral processes. We hope that these items be a step in realizing the objective of not only this coming election but other elections,” Dr. Bayai said.
Representing the Swedish government during the ceremony, Elisabeth Harleman, Head of Development Corporation in Monrovia, firstly, congratulated Gov’t for continuing the work around the election processes and preparation for the senatorial elections, which she indicated is an important component in keeping democratic governance despite the existence of Covid-19.
Some of the ICT items donated to NEC

She averred that Sweden is supporting democratic governance; and this includes support to the national elections and especially in capacity development of NEC. “Sweden will support national priorities and still see a continued need to support a strengthened NEC,” she stated.
She indicated that Sweden is concerned that women’s participation and women’ involvement seems to be lacking in Liberia and has encouraged NEC to take extra steps to always ensure women’s participation.
“Finally, I am pleased to be part of this important moment of handing over necessary materials for the preparation of senatorial elections, an effective data centre with necessary equipment and capacity to handle data as an important part in the overall capacity development.
“To ensure reliable data used in the election process will contribute to increase transparency of the process,” she stated.
Speaking on behalf of the Liberian government, Acting NEC Chairperson, Commissioner Davitta Brown-Lassanah appreciated UNDP and all partners for their continual supports to NEC.
“We note with gratifications the overall supports in 2017 for the Voters Registration process wherein we received cameras as well as solar-lights. We also note with delight your support to this warehouse wherein we were provided equipment,” she stated.
“We are happy to say that you installed automated platform for work processing for the Commission with the ERP System. Also, you have been instrumental in rehabilitating 12 warehouses of the Commission at the magisterial levels; you are constructing fences and you provided generator rooms,” acting Commissioner Chairman recounted the contributions of the Swedish government,” she said.
Also recounting, NEC Acting Boss said besides today’s assistance, the Swedish Government has provided technical assistance in consultancy, capacities, training and other helps to Liberia and promoting free, transparent and credible elections in Liberia.
“Today’s donation is a clear manifestation of the UNDP and its partners continual support to our electoral process in Liberia. We assure you our partners that NEC remains thankful to UNDP and you, Sweden and other partners. We are happy for your support under this project. We assure you that we are committed leveraging this support which we believe will continue to strengthen the National Elections Commission in organizing a credible election for the Liberian people,” Davitta-Brown Lassanah indicated.

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