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UMC Men’s Department Honors Liberian Businessman  

By S. Siapha Mulbah

On Sunday June 25, 2023, the Men Department of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Liberia honored one of Liberia’s leading business man Henry Jackson as the ‘District Father of the Year.’

The United Methodist Men said the honor bestowed on Jackson was in recognition of his delegated services rendered to the church, his humility to God and his many and tireless efforts in contributing to the building of the church and other ministries.

Speaking at the District Father Day celebration which was held at the E. Harding Smythe United Methodist Church in the Smythe Road Community on the Old Road, the leadership of the UMC men informed the congregation that the honoree had committed himself fully to the day-to-day developmental plans of the Methodist Ministry while serving in different capacities as a full member.

The men added that honoree Jackson’s contribution to the church while serving in different leadership positions at several departments raise a clear manifestation to have him honored as the “Father of the District” which is one of the biggest honors in the United Methodist Church.

“We have seen the good works done by Jackson in this Ministry since he joined us to worship God together. He made himself available to all of the working in this ministry no matter the situation and circumstances that may come his way,” the secretariat of the Methodist men explained.

“Honoree Jackson here today made a very huge contribution to the ceiling work and tiling process of the E. Harding Smythe United Methodist Church’s edifice as well as the construction of the children ministry. As fathers, we believe that God’s work is incumbent upon all of us and once a man of such stands to lead and contribute to this, he needs to be honored while he is still live,” the secretary noted.

In what turned out to be an emotional response, the Father of the Year lauded the Men’s Department of the church for affording him the opportunity to serve “His God” while serving in the various departments of the church, and thanked the Men of the church for the honor.

“I am overwhelmed with joy because the honor you have bestowed on me today is great. Many persons have wished they were alive to receive such hone, but they were not opportune. So, it is by the grace of God that I am here today strong and energetic to receive this great honor,” he said.

“I give God the glory and I share this honor with all fathers in the United Methodist Church and across Liberia and the world at large; especially, to all of you who helped me one way or the other to achieve any of the tasks that I was in charge of. We did it together, we have done it together and we will do it together,” Jacksons said.

Father Jackson told the congregation that the recognition is a challenge for him to work harder to promote God’s Kingdom on earth while serving the church and humanity.

“Today it is by the good examples of many of you pastors and leaders in the church that I have been able to attract your attention through the little services I gave to God house. This honor will make me the father that many of the young people will see as a role model and together, we will continue our service to God and humanity,” he said.

Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Exodus Best Price Store in Liberia and the proprietor of Exodus incorporated, a business enterprise that has operated in the country for several years giving job and other opportunities to citizens.

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