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Ultimatum For Public Officials’ Assets Declaration Again? …As LACC Promises Protection For Whistleblowers

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has given public officials a two-month grace period to declare their assets commencing from September 1, 2021.
Addressing a press conference since he officially took over as the Chairperson of the Commission, Edward Kla Martin said it is anticipated that all public officials adhere to the grace period.
Meanwhile, Chairman Martin said to date, 59 public officials have declared their assets with 16 percent of the total number being a representation of females while 84 percent are males.
He disclosed that the LACC’s enforcement division has begun investigating the National Transit Authority, the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, the Roberts International Airport and the National Port Authority.
The LACC boss said the absconding of the former Port Manager of Buchanan City is yet a rumor as the investigation will commence and if the communication gets no prompt response, the Commission will forward the matter to the Ministry of Justice.
Cllr. Martin assured that all those to be investigated when found liable of corrupt acts in spite of their locations will be traced and brought before justice even if it means through extradition.
Cllr. Martin said US$ 18, 000 out of the US$ 199, 800 has been voluntarily restituted through the court regarding the case involving Munah Sieh, the former police boss along with others in the misapplication of funding intended to purchase police uniforms.
The New Executive Chairperson told the press conference that records in his possession showed that the Commission has 73 cases including audit reports and assured that all the reports will be investigated.
Meanwhile, the LACC’s Executive Chairperson is calling on the Press Union of Liberia, Civil Society Organizations as well as whistleblowers to aid the Commission in driving its mandate noting, “This is a collective battle if we are to see our country redeemed.”
He therefore announced that the two hotlines for the public are 0555395728 while the talk free line on this network is 4048 and the Orange number/toll is 0775600050 thereby assuring that the whistleblowers will be protected under the Whistleblowers Act.

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