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UL Sets April 30 As Deadline For Fees Completion

By Precious D. Freeman

The University of Liberia (UL) has set April 30, 2021 as deadline for the completion of all tuition and fees.
The UL president, Julius Sarwolo Nelson, informed stakeholders yesterday that registration started on February 1, 2021 and the ninety days ultimatum will elapse on April 30, 2021, therefore those who will not comply will be dropped from the UL-Eportal system and will not be considered current students effective May 1, 2021 for this semester.
The president of the University of Liberia who met with stakeholders to further communicate the approved tuition policy of the University and emphasized how important is it as students of the University to pay tuition and fees.
In a press conference held at the office of the UL President, he acknowledged President George Manneh Weah for instituting the National Undergraduate Tuition Free Policy in 2018, and the cost of undergraduate education at the University was reduced from an average of US$85 to an equivalent of US$14.72 or L$2,500.00 per semester.
According to him, this policy along with the automation of their registration, has created a smoother platform for retaining admission for students at the University as reflected in their admission records for the last four semesters.
“However, due to the alarming increase in arrears of tuition and fees at all programs during last semester amounting to about US$ 1 million, the University crafted, discussed with various stakeholders, and had a tuition policy approved by both the UL Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees,” he explained.
Mr. Nelson added that this policy provides for all students seeking to retain admission at the University up to Ninety Days (90 days) to complete billing and payment of tuition and fees, or otherwise forfeit their admission status.
The President for UL stated that this policy should have taken effect during the last academic semester but was deferred to this semester to allow for more publicity.
“However, this semester, the non-payment rate has further heightened as detailed, which are: Undergraduate billed 19,490; registration complete 4,028, percentage 20.7%, Graduate billed 846, registration complete 33, percentage 3.9%, Law School billed 132, registration complete 3, percentage 2.3%, other schools professionals billed 61, registration complete 0, percentage 0%, total billed 20,529, registration 4,064, percentage 19.8%,” he clarified.
The UL president then said that this statistics has resulted in an arrear for this semester amounting to US$1,113,714.42 for all programs.
“The University needs all funds on board to continue our faculty development initiatives, the expansion of our academic programs and curriculum revision, increase renovation activities and other operational and logistical needs,” he mentioned.
According to the UL president, the Government of Liberia is playing its part with the regular payment salaries, stipends to Medical and Pharmacy and provision of tuition subsidy, adding, “The students must also play their part.’’

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