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U.S Gov’t Pledges To Support Liberia’s Democratic Development

The former Ambassador of the United States to Liberia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield is commending Liberians for their dedication to exercise their right to vote broadly and peacefully,

she maintained, “Once again, the Liberian people reaffirmed their commitment to democracy in yesterday’s runoff election.”

“We commend their dedication to exercising their right to vote broadly and peacefully, and this the U.S. will continue to promote accountability and will call out anyone who undermines the electoral process through fraud, violence, or intimidation,” she added.

Madam Thomas-Greenfield, now United States Ambassador to the United Nations, in a statement issued Wednesday, November 15, 2023 said, the United States will continue to promote accountability as the U.S. government will fully support the country’s democratic development.

On Tuesday, November 14, Liberians went out to cast their ballot in a Presidential run-off election between George M. Weah and Joseph Boakai.

Amb. Thomas-Greenfield further indicated that at each step of the election, Liberians from all walks of life expressed their desire for Liberia–one of the oldest continuous republics in the world–to become a beacon of peaceful citizen-centered democratic governance in the region.

She added that the United States remains committed to helping the people of Liberia achieve this goal.

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