The Inquirer is a leading independent daily newspaper published in Liberia, based in Monrovia. It is privately owned with a "good reputation".

Tribute To Mr. Philip N. Wesseh

Reverend Louise Ridley Collins and Councillor Ambassador Alpha Bird Collins, LLM of the United Kingdom are saddened by the sudden death of a dear friend Mr. Philip N. Wesseh of the Inquirer Newspaper of the Republic of Liberia.

Reverend and Councillor Collins were pleased to acknowledge the benevolent deeds of the deceased. They reminisced about their visit to the Inquirer outfit in Monrovia, saying “We are thankful to GOD almighty that we were privileged to enjoy long friendship with Mr Wesseh and share mutual interest in the Inquirer newspaper and PUL”. (‘Liberia FIFA Player Agent Donates To PUL’ The Inquirer, Monday, September 29, 2008 page 11). Mr Wesseh was selfless and put the interests of others ahead of his own. He led a fulfilled life and will always be remembered as an esteemed and respected gentleman!

Reverend Collins and the congregants of Saint Michael and All Angels Church of England lit a candle and said prayers for the deceased, his family, friends, Press Union of Liberia and the new leaderships and employees of the Inquirer Newspaper.

Ambassador Collins concluded: “We have no doubt Brother Philip N. Wesseh shall rest in peace in the presence of Infinite GOD Almighty the Creator of the entire universe who has filled with Love and Happiness on earth and the Heaven above. We love you brother, but Immortal GOD loves you best. Rest in peace and rise up during the Day of Resurrection. Your legacy shall live on, Amen.”

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