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“Treat The Church With Respect” …Pastor Ben Karbeh Urges Govt. In Coronavirus Fight

The Pastor and General Overseer of Eagles Chapel Glorious Land International Church, Pastor Ben Zion Karbah, has urged the Government to treat the Church with respect during this time of the deadly Coronavirus disease.In a statement released yesterday, Pastor Ben said the action by security forces of the government to have gone to various places of worship on Sunday, March 22, 2020 to forcefully close churches down was uncivilized and barbaric.
He said while it is true that the church welcomes the government’s effort in the fight against the Coronavirus and the measures put into place, but warns that the church and government are not at war for them to have sent armed police officers to close down churches.
“They (Government) could have just communicated to the church through its leadership, the Liberia Council of Churches or Full Gospel Ministries to instruct their members to suspend church services for 21 days. In this regard, the church would have used the 21 days period to fast and pray for the nation,” he explained.
He then called on every Liberian to pray for God’s mercy upon Liberia and the rest of the world encouraging them to also observe all instructions of preventive measures laid down by health authorities.
“Liberians, you must go by all the preventive measures laid down by MOH, but the true answer is in crying to God. Example: when the Children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt, God did not answer until they cried to God. Exodus 3:7. The fourteen years war and Ebola virus disease that affected us, we prayed to God and He answered us. The same God will answer us again to redeem us from the Coronavirus,” Pastor Ben urged.
He concluded that another big/great leader is about to die encouraging everyone to pray.See page 3 for full text

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