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Transport Holds Training
On Axle Load Awareness

By Precious D Freeman
The Ministry of Transport (MoT) with support from the European Union (EU) has held a day-long awareness on axle load control in order to improve the infrastructure development in Liberia.
On behalf of the EU delegation to Liberia, Stefania Marrone, she reassured their commitment to road maintenance and to put stop to overloading vehicles, as well as to support and improve the infrastructures development in Liberia.
She made the statement at the sensitization and awareness campaign of the laws and regulations governing axle load in the country held in Monrovia over the weekend.
She mentioned that the EU has secured $ 1,200,000 Euros for axle load control project, adding that the project program contributing to the sustainability of the road investments and improvement of transport conditions on West Africa by creating a harmonized, integrated and sustainable transport network in the country and its neighboring West African countries.
“The Large scale training organized by the consultant DAI Belgium is part of the technical assistance contract and is meant to provide capacity building for the Ministry of Transport (MOT) staff in order to fully understand and monitor the implementation of the existing Liberian and ECOWAS legislation on axle load control and also raise awareness about its positive socio-economic impacts of controlling the overloading of trucks and vehicles,” the EU official noted.
She pointed out that the Ministry has already benefited from trainings provided under this project by the GIZ consultant for usage of the pick-ups and also of the weight in motion scale.
The EU delegation emphasized that by this project, the government of Liberia will be fully supported to maintain the road and infrastructures in good condition at which time it will improve road safety.
“From now on, the staff trained will be able to monitor the heavy transport on three road corridors which includes: Bo Water side, Red light to Fanta and ELWA to Buchanan in accordance with the regulations and laws in force in Liberia regarding the axle load control,” Madam Marrone asserted.
Also making remark, Atty. Martus Bangula, Deputy Director of National Authorizing Organization (NAO) Liberia, like the rest of ECOWAS countries are benefiting from EU Financial support through the 11th EDF Regional Indicative Program (RIP) to improve the governance of road maintenance and combat overload trucks.
According to her, the sensitization and awareness campaign of the laws and regulations governing axle load control in Liberia is very pertinent, and as such there is a need to hail the EU for their numerous supports in funding such project.
She narrated that they can build all the roads, but without sensitization and awareness on their usage, the roads will be misused and gradually deteriorate.
Bangula however thanked the Minister of Transport and the DAI project Team headed by Mr. Anthony Uruaka for hitting the ground running, adding that he came in at a very critical point but have demonstrated his commitment to duty, love for country and ownership of the project.
Earlier Speaking, the Deputy Minister for Land and Rail at the Ministry of Transport Darrious Kollie thanked the EU for the cooperation and support to the project.
“We will like to use this medium to say a big thank you to the EU for their level of support and we are also looking forward to more of their support in ensuring that the axle load control program is sustained,” he said.

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