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To Avoid Complacency In Covid-19 Fight:
Diaspora Faith-based Group Donates Huge Quantities Of
Nose Masks To Johnsonville Commissioner’s Office

In an effort to avert the spread of the corona virus pandemic in Liberia, the World of Life International Incorporated (WLII), has donated over 5,140 pieces of Nose masks to Johnsonville Commissioner’s Office for onward distributions.
The Charitable organization stated that although health authorities have reported progress in the fight but “We cannot be complacent in the approach. We can attest to it that with God being our helper, the acceptance of using nose masks in Liberia has drastically reduced the number of confirmed cases which was disclosed by our health authorities.”
“Basically, we decided to focus on our surrounding, knowing that we are based in Paynesville. This is World of life International Inc contribution to the fight against COVID-19,” he said.
WLII is a faith-based organization established and incorporated by law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA in 2002 and was adapted and incorporated by law in Liberia 2018.
Making the donation, David Saingbe, WLII’s program Coordinator, asserted that the donation is the organization’s own will of giving to the unreachable persons in Liberia-especially during this period of health calamity.
“Today we are here at the Johnsonville Township Commissioner’s Office for distribution after which the team will move to Pipeline Road Town Hall and later the District Education Office. Today, we will distribute over 500 nose masks to the respective areas. There are several others to also benefit in days to come to include, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Christ Harvest School System, E. J. Conqueror School System, IDAGINE School System and Liberia Empowerment School System,” the WLII stated.
Additionally, the WLII said, “Key to this mission is to ensure support to people with or without development, disabilities and their families through person-centered support services. Our vision is to support persons with services and resources to enhance possibilities as a result to promote enduring family life.”
The Program Coordinator also further noted that besides the nose masks donation, the institution’s Mission has always catered to reach out to the vulnerable people.
Stressing, “We provide communities with services and initiatives to support disadvantaged people with the aim of encouraging economic empowerment and sustainability.”
The diaspora group further asserted that the institution’s thematic areas of intervention have been Agriculture and Agro-processing, General Construction, Vocational skills Training and Health.
“The development of a three-year plan is ongoing in an effort to make functional all four thematic areas with emphasis on agriculture and agro-processing,” the charitable group stated.
As a faith-based organization, “we collaborate with both local and international organizations to achieve our vision and mission for our people. In this endeavor, during the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in 2020 we embarked upon the first nose mask initiative through the distribution of over 15, 000 nose masks to front-line institutions and organizations, including government institutions”.
“The gathering today is to augment the first initiative of nose masks distribution that was done in 2020 by WLII Inc. We have additional 5,140 quality nose masks made by our team for onward distribution as we battle the new variant of COVID-19 in Liberia,” WLII Program Coordinator indicated.
WLII assured the public that in addition to yesterday’s donation, both public and private institutions, churches, clinics, and communities are targeted as well.
“The distribution started on Monday, September 13, 2021. Some of the areas that benefited are Paynesville Magisterial Court, Johnsonville Police Depot, St. Benedict Clinic and Brown Community Clinic. We have distributed over one thousand masks and expect to last till the end of September,” the WLLI stated.
Adding, “We have earmarked schools and as such, some schools will benefit upon the resumption of regular academic activities. Notwithstanding, the WLII mask distribution team has planned to identify with some schools that are taking the WASSCE,” he said.
Receiving the donation on behalf of the Commissioner’s Office, Deputy Commissioner, Didymus Yahn thanked WLII for the donation terming the gesture as timely. He also assured that the commission is willing to work with the world of Life Organization in ensuring that the virus is eradicated from Liberia.

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