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The Lobbyist That Will Lead Sinoe To Prosperity

By B. Weh Pyne

To excel as a superintendent, possessing a wealth of commendable qualities is essential, and the ability to effectively lobby is the most crucial. Superintendents who are governors or managers in their respective counties play pivotal roles in driving development initiatives. Hence, the skill of lobbying becomes paramount in the discharge of their duties. That is why it is important that anyone who emerges as Superintendent of Sinoe possesses this indispensable quality to promote development in a county that is sadly lagging behind, and establish impactful relationships to unite a historically divided people.

This article will delve into the noteworthy lobbying prowess of Cllr. Sylvia Abena Tarley, making her best suited to lead Sinoe as superintendent. To begin, let’s explore the concept of lobbying and the role of lobbyists in the context of county management and development.

Lobbying and Lobbyist

Lobbying, in the context of county management and development, plays a pivotal role in influencing decision-makers, securing resources, and fostering collaboration between various stakeholders. Lobbyists act as advocates for the interests of a county, working to garner support for initiatives, policies, and projects that contribute to its overall growth and prosperity.

The primary objective of lobbying in county management is to effectively communicate the needs and priorities of the community to government officials, legislators, and other influential figures. This proactive engagement helps ensure that the county’s concerns are not only heard but also taken into consideration when policy decisions are being made.

Lobbyists in county development often work to secure funding and resources for vital projects. They may advocate for infrastructure improvements, educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and other essential services that contribute to the well-being and advancement of the community. Lobbying involves building strong relationships with government representatives, agencies, and private sector entities to gain support and financial backing.

Tarley’s lobbying Successes

Cllr. Tarley’s lobbying expertise is manifested through her successful efforts in attracting several investors to Liberia, some of whom were taken to Sinoe County.

Notably, she facilitated engagements with a South African company, leading to the introduction of cost-effective and durable road construction technologies. The collaboration with Polyroads-West Africa resulted in the implementation of a revolutionary project, where the 14th Military Hospital Road was paved using a novel Soiltech MK III stabilizer, a polymeric chemical product designed to enhance pavement properties.

The advantages of incorporating polymeric chemicals in road pavement are substantial. These include enhanced durability, which helps the pavement resist cracking, wear, and other forms of deterioration; increased flexibility that makes the pavement better able to adapt to movements in the underlying soil and handle stresses from traffic loads. This flexibility can contribute to the pavement’s ability to withstand all environmental conditions, and rapid installation, which saves time and advantageous compared to traditional asphalt pavements.

Above all, the cost-effectiveness of this technology is particularly noteworthy, as it significantly reduces road construction expenses. In comparison, with the conventional cost of up to US$1 million for a 1KM asphalt road pavement, the new technology brings the expenses to approximately US$300,000 to US$400,000, presenting a considerable financial saving for the government.

Cllr. Tarley’s lobbying efforts extend beyond infrastructure projects. She successfully negotiated with the People of Juarzon District, Sinoe County for the economic development of Tarwo Hill, leading to a visit by a South African company to evaluate the potential for mineral mining, including a crush rock quarry in 2020. Despite hindrances cost by weather challenges and the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, the evaluation is poised to resume this year (2024).

Additionally, in 2021, Cllr. Tarley introduced a South African/Kuwait Company to the Liberian Government, initiating negotiations to transfer the Putu Iron Ore Mining Concession. The Memorandum of Agreement executed in July 2021 outlines plans for job creation, infrastructure development, and a Sustainable Agriculture Project in the Southeastern Counties. The investors expressed ongoing interest, and if implemented, this deal could create over 10,000 jobs in 18 months of the concession’s transfer, improve regional infrastructure, and boost agricultural initiatives in the region.

Cllr. Tarley’s ability to foster such agreements positions her as an instrumental, innovative, and developmental leader capable of steering Sinoe County towards a prosperous future. Her dedication to economic development, job creation, and infrastructure improvement, demonstrates commitment to rescuing communities from poverty and nurturing them to long-term prosperity.

A skilled lobbyist like Cllr. Tarley would leverage her expertise to navigate the political landscape, build alliances, and advocate for initiatives that align with the county and government’s strategic goals. Through effective lobbying, she can bridge divides, gather support for development projects, and create a conducive environment for sustainable growth.

As was mentioned in the previous article in title: “Boakai’s Rescue Train And The Quest For Superintendent” Sinoe, as one of Liberia’s oldest counties is facing challenges that have impeded its progress in infrastructural, social, justice, and skills development. The lack of coordination and unity among leaders and residents has further exacerbated the situation, putting it in a need of a lobbyist, a visionary, developmental, and unifying leader who will address the divisions and propel the county toward prosperity.

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