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The 15th China Medical Team To Liberia Was Invited To Provide Free Medical Treatment For The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

On April 21, on the recommendation of the Chinese Embassy in Liberia and at the invitation of the Foreign Ministry, The 15th China medical team held a free clinic for the staff of the Foreign Ministry.
During the free clinic, the China medical team provided the staff with internal medicine, cardiology, surgery, stomatology, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture), ultrasound and basic health care services. A total of more than 100 people were treated, and more than 200 boxes of various drugs were distributed free of charge according to the needs of their conditions. In addition, the China medical team has also provided surgery, acupuncture, osteopathic treatment and ultrasound examination according to the needs of the patients.
Entrusted by Foreign Minister Kaimaya, Vice Minister Ms.Gray arrived to visit the medical team members during the interval of work. Vice Minister Gray said that some employees have been suffering from illness for years, without effective treatment, this is a very rare opportunity, thanks to the China medical team to provide them with medical services. In recent years, the China medical team has provided a lot of help to the Liberian people, which we will all bear in mind.
Jin Dairui, one of the patients and an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in skilled Chinese that he had been to many provinces and cities in China and was deeply impressed by the rapid development and achievements of China in recent years. Thanks very much for sending medical team to Liberia to help the people here.
Wang Liang, head of the China medical team, said that this year marks the 60th anniversary of China’s dispatch of medical teams to developing countries, and the medical team has become a bridge to enhance the understanding and friendship between the people of China and its host countries. The 15th China medical team to Liberia will follow President Xi Jinping’s instructions to “benefit the local people with kindness and exquisite medical skills” and make greater contribution to promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of public health between China and Liberia and enhancing the friendship between the two peoples.
Entrusted by Mr.Xu Kun, Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy, Mr.Gou Fei, First Secretary of Economy and Commerce of the Chinese Embassy, and his delegation visited the medical team at the site of the free clinic and donated some medical supplies to the clinic of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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