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Teqball Holds First Technical
Workshop Wednesday

The Liberia National Teqball Federation (LNTF) will on Wednesday, September 29th, beginning at 9am, hold its first technical workshop, with the goal of providing hands-on technical knowledge about the sport.
The objectives of the one-day workshop are to provide broader understanding on Teqball operations, rules and technical activities; refresh and technically equip would-be trainers, coaches, technical directors and referees respectively.
Additionally, the workshop will focus on building the technical capacity of a new contingent of technical personnel in promoting TEQBALL across the country.
This approach is gear towards raising a group of TEQBALL’s tacticians who will serve in various technical capacities in helping to promote the expansion of the sport in Liberia.
The rationale behind the one-day technical workshop is hinge on the possibility of preparing and producing the next biggest TEQBALL talent in West Africa.
With the distribution of teqball-boards still ongoing, LNTF seeks to equip and train technicians who will thereafter serve is various capacities as trainers, coaches, and referees amongst others.
LNTF also believe that the educative initiative will enhance the ongoing visibility campaign initiated by the federation.
Participants at the one-day technical workshop are drawn from various club teams in addition to representatives from ISSA, Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL), LNOC, Paralympics and former National Team Players respectively.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports is expected to deliver a special statement, while representative from the Hungary Consulate in Monrovia will make a brief remarks.
LNTF is the newest sporting federation in Liberia. The federation was established in 2021 with the hope of using the sport to empower and create employment opportunities for talented and passionate young Liberians.
Liberia is the 13th Country in Africa to have established a TEQBALL Federation. TEQBALL is a football-based sport play on a specially-curved table. It was established in 2021 in Budapest, Hungary where it’s head office is currently based.
FITEQ, the Internation parent body of Teqball has already hosted three world championships organized in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
Meanwhile, LNTF’s President Musa Shannon has iterated that Liberia could form part of the next FITEQ World Championship, and therefore indicated that he would be very proud to see Liberia produce the next biggest TEQBALL talent on the continent.
LNTF has already begun the distribution of teqboards to several clubs and institutions.

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