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Teahjay Returns Home …Denounces CDC’s 1ST Term Rule

By Bill W. Cooper

J. Milton Teahjay, who entered the Liberian Senate on the ticket of the Unity Party in 2014 replacing Mobutu Nyenpan has formally returned home pledging support to Joseph Boakai.

The outgoing Sinoe County Senator, Teahjay who supported the ruling party CDC in its first six years rule and was among several lawmakers referred to as ‘Alabama and the 40 thieves’ who pledged their support to President Weah at the heel of the elections officially endorsed Boakai yesterday in Monrovia.

The tough-talking legislator attributed his decision to the CDC’s inability to effectively lead Liberia for another six years.

According to him, the government of President Weah is ‘ill-equipped’ to address the challenges and implement the necessary reforms needed for the country’s progress, disclosing that Boakai is best suited to lead Liberia, moving forward.

He believes that the Weah-led government has massively failed to adequately address critical issues such as healthcare, job creation, economic development, and road connectivity, precisely in the Southeastern region, among others.

Teahjay, who had been very supportive of the Weah-led administration to the extent that he was almost thought of being elected on the ticket of the ruling party, further claimed that the CDC-led government has not made the necessary investments in the key sectors of concern, especially the economy, leaving the citizenry living in abject poverty.

He maintained, “Following the pivotal 2017 Legislative and Presidential Elections, I wholeheartedly dedicated six years of my political career within the Legislature to assist the CDC in fulfilling the mandate of the people of Sinoe County.”

“But regrettably, after contributing to President Weah’s development agenda in the Legislature and observing the initial results of the 2023 elections, it is abundantly clear that the CDC is ill-equipped to lead this nation for the next six years,” he said.

The defeated Sinoe County Senator explained further that in the latter years of the CDC administration, he held the premature hope that the government would capitalize on the substantial gains made across various sectors under the previous UP government.

“But to my dismay, the CDC has not demonstrated a willingness to harness the crucial political capital it was entrusted with. It is disheartening to witness a government that rose on a populist platform lacking the trust, credibility, and the ability to bring together national political leaders to stabilize the country.

Instead, we have witnessed the marginalization and alienation of the political class, often encouraging chaos and, in some instances, even being linked to the tragic murders of individuals who refused to submit to the whims of Weah, rampant corruption and the complete breakdown of the rule of law in the country,” he added.

Teahjay furthered, “And even currently, the Southeastern counties are among the most neglected, impoverished, and destitute positions at an alarming rate, contributing to the dire state of the healthcare system in the Southeastern Region.”

“Our schools lack basic supplies, with many instructors not receiving their salaries in a timely manner. Some junior high schools in the Southeast have just two instructors, which is an affront to the loyalty of our people and a disgrace to our educational system, and we cannot afford to continue in this manner.

So, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, as we approach the November 14 run-off elections and after extensive consultations, we have arrived at the conclusion of officially endorsing Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party,” he declared.

Teahjay added, “Because he is a statesman of immense patience, character, and the ability to lead Liberia, while redirecting the course of governance for the benefit of all Liberians, and we call upon all our fellow citizens of Sinoe County, and all Liberians, to join us in this mission for the pursuit of a better Liberia.”

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