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Supreme Court To Rule In Nimba Case Today

The Supreme Court is expected to render its final ruling in the ongoing alleged election frauds and irregularities case involving two senatorial candidates of Nimba County.
The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) candidate, Edith Gongloe Weh raised an argument before the National Elections Commissions (NEC) against the Coalition for Democratic Change candidate Jeremiah Koung who was announced and affirmed as the winner in the senatorial election that took place on December 8. 2020.
According to one of the lawyers representing Gongloe Weh, Cllr Gloria Musu Scott, prayed the court to order the election managers to conduct a re-run in Districts 1 and 2 as well as a recount process in Districts 7, 4 and 5 in Nimba County for the purpose of transparency.
Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe, also a member of Weh’s legal team alleged that during the December 8 elections, Senator Prince Johnson was seen with 150 armed men intimidating voters.
In their resistance, lawyers representing Koung prayed the Supreme Court to dismiss the complaint filed by Madam Weh and allow the NEC carry out the certification exercise of Koung as Senator of Nimba County.
The National Elections Commission denied and dismissed Madam Weh’s complaint in its totality due to what the Hearing Officer termed initially as lack of substantial evidence; a decision that was sustained by the Board of Commissioners for which candidate Weh took an appeal before the Korkpor-bench.

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