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Supreme Court Reaffirms Kolleh Victory In Bong County

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
The Supreme Court of Liberia has reaffirmed the victory of James Kolleh of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), against ruling party’s candidate Melvin Salvage in the by-elections of Bong County district #2.
The high court has confirmed that the PUP candidate indeed won the election following a complaint filed by contestant Salvage citing alleged irregularities over the by election to replace now senator Prince K. Moye of the county.
On February 1, 2022 the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presided over a ruling denying all counts raised by the legal team representing the interest of Mr. Salvage.
He said that the court’s ruling was not intended to change nor tempered with the results of the election presented to the public by the National Elections Commission.
On November 16, 2021 a four districts representatives by-elections were conducted in Bong, Bomi, Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties respectively to fill in the vacancies created by sitting representatives that contested for the special senatorial midterm elections of December 2020.
The by-election brought to the House of Representatives Mrs. Finda Lansanah to replace now senator Edwin Snowe in district #1 Bomi County, Samuel Browne for Senator Jeremiah Koung of Nimba, Madison Gwion for Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of Grand Gedeh County and James Kolleh for Senator Prince Moye in district #2 Bong County.
After the announcement of the result from the elections by the NEC, the CDC candidate filed a complaint to the Commission concerning and alleged foul played against his poll watchers.
In the complaint to NEC, Mr. Salvage alleged that his officers assigned in the Yandowoin areas were beaten on, while some of the polling places in the district were relocated without prior noticed by the Elections Commission.
After those and many other concerns from the ruling party candidate , the National Elections Commission reportedly looked into the matters but not to the satisfaction of the candidate and gradually surfaced before the high court for proper address.

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