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Superintendent Myers Calms Fears

Following reports of heavy looting and nonchalant attitude towards work at the various government ministries, due to the change of executive power, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Assistant Superintendent for Development in Nimba, Railey Myers, says executive appointees are still working with the County Administration headed by Superintendent Nelson Korquoi.
“We are all working as the local authority here in Sanniquellie, until new appointments are made to take over the county,” the Assistant Superintendent disclosed.
Speaking to this paper in Sanniquellie, Myers explained that developments, in terms of road connectivity under the regime of the CDC government, are still ongoing at various electoral districts in the county.
Myers also denied media reports of looting at the County Administrative Building in Sanniquellie and other government facilities.
He disclosed that plans are underway to turn over government assigned vehicles, motorbikes, and others, to the incoming government with immediate effect, debunking rumors that these government poperies are being diverted to personal use.
As the country prepares for a transition of government, it remains to be seen if Myers and others like him will keep their word and turn over the properties in one piece, to facilitate a peaceful transition.

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