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Student Killer’s Father Expresses Remorse

Sylvanus Turay, the father of Jovanus Turay who killed Precious Ireland, has rendered openly apology to the bereaved family for the tragic incident.
Turay, in a live video post stressed that he does not have any problem with people and or the public sentiments surrounding the death of little Ireland especially with his son’s direct involvement, but all that he can say is that his family regrets the situation and extends his sympathy to the Ireland’s family.
.According to him, the bullet that took away the life of Precious emotionally and psychologically also killed him including the entire country.
“I am a parent and know how it feels for your child to be killed or died especially in such a manner as such,” he described the situation as horrifying and heart bogging.
He said when he had the opportunity to speak with his son, his son first asked if he (Mr. Turay) had spoken to the Ireland’s family adding that he (Jovanus) also regrets the incident and is heartbroken as well, adding, “She was like a child to me and also a family member as well.”
Additionally, he used the occasion to also apologize to the Cyber Education Christian School for the embarrassment his family has caused them. “You are not alone in this. My regrets to all,” Sylvanus maintained.
Since the tragic incident two days ago, it is the first official statement from the Turay’s family as investigation is said to be ongoing into the death of the 14-year old Precious Ireland.
Meanwhile, the debate and legal arguments relative to whether the doer of the act Jovanus Turay due to his age (16) will face justice as family members are eager to ensure that justice is served to them.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) is disheartened by the fatal shooting that occurred at Cyber-Ed Christian School leaving 14-year-old Precious Ireland dead.
Gender describes the circumstances leading to the untimely passing of Little Precious as troubling, and therefore, extends deepest condolences to the bereaved family.
The Ministry finds it even disturbing that the reported shooting incident at the Cyber-Ed Christian School, was allegedly instigated by another minor.
MGCSP is saddened by the incident, especially as the Government of Liberia, with support from partners, has accelerated efforts to curb and eliminate all forms of violence against children.
The incident amongst other things underscores the need for robust and rigorous school safety measures that would ensure a protective environment for Children.
As mandated by His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, Gender Ministry has committed to working with the Liberia National Police, Education, Youth and Sports Ministries and other relevant agencies such as: teachers’ unions, private and public schools’ administrations to develop and present a plan on how to prevent said happening.
MGCSP notes that this will also enhance an immediate and compulsory implementation of on campus safety regulations for both male and female students.
The Ministry has also committed to providing psychosocial counselors to assist the bereaved family in handling the traumatic stress associated with such difficult moments. With parental consent, the psychosocial counseling will also cover students of the Cyber-Ed Christian School as well the alleged perpetrator and his family.
Meanwhile, Gender Minister, Williametta Saydee-Tarr has paid a visit at the home of the deceased family. Minister Tarr conveyed the Ministry’s condolences for such irreparable loss and assured the family of the Ministry’s psychosocial support.
The Gender Boss also visited the Cyber-Ed Christian School where she challenged the school’s administration to be more vigilant.
At the same time, the Ministry uses the occasion to urge parents, guardians and caregivers to place emphasis on keeping watch over their children.

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