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Strayer’s University Ambassador Eyes Liberia’s Presidency
…Unveils ‘Big’ Vision For 2023

“I have set my sight on electrifying every household including hut with affordable electricity and install every household with air conditioners to avoid mosquito bites that normally lead to malaria,” Liberia’s new presidential aspirant reveals.
The political leader of the proposed Greater Action Party of Liberia (GAPL), Telford E. K. Ammons unveiling his vision for the Liberia he wants to see in 2023 and beyond on the OK Morning Rush on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, stated, “We want to provide communities, medical professionals, and patients with the tools, information, and skills they need to make good decisions about prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and support.”
He placed within his manifesto the issue of equipping and empowering youth with strong focus on critical role young people have to play in an inclusive and democratic process. He also talked about fostering social, cohesive, economic development and political stability in the country.
According the proposed GAPL political leader, participation in the nation-building process is essential since young people play significant role in the Liberian society.
He further revealed that his agenda will contain the creation of tax jurisdictions noting that without taxes, government would be unable to meet the demands of its citizens.
“Taxes are crucial because government collects money and uses it to finance social projects, so we will create a proper tax procedure so that the public gets the most benefit out of it,” said Dr. Ammons.
He is also focusing on creating shelters for wayward youths to put an end to many displaced young adults who are living in graveyards.
He also outlined his intention of building a continuous flow of incoming investments for opportunities and creation of businesses and entrepreneurship in pleasurable atmospheres.
Come 2023 General and Presidential Elections, Dr. Ammons promised to be a force to reckon with and regards himself as the true servant to rescue Liberia but stated that this cannot be achieved without the full support of Liberian citizens.
Dr. Ammons is the great-grandson of Gabriel Ammons, an Africa returnee to Liberia after slavery who later became a Colonel in the Liberian army, a farmer, and prosperous land owner.
He is also the grandson of herbalist and Fish Town head doctor from Maryland County who was honored by President William V.S. Tubman for his contributions to society.
Dr. Ammons is an adopted grandson of the first Liberian florist, decorator, and businesswoman, Martha Prout Dennis, affectionately called “Mother Dear” who gave him his seed money, to become an exchange student candidate, with “Youth for Understanding” in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Back at Niles high school, Telford said “All my life, I never saw people as ‘Black or White’ but as collaborators working together; regardless of complexion, composition or complexity.”
The idea of bringing together people was a big picture nurtured by his Exchange Student Parents, Helen Gay and John L. Jones Sr. and he continues to keep in touch with the Jones even till today.
After graduation from high school, Dr. Ammons dreamt of bringing together African Americans, Africans living in the diaspora and those back in the homeland in collaboration of working and building together.
This sentiment had long been his dream even before President Barak Obama became President of the United States, who he met and befriended, during his early years living on Chicago’s Southside.
He is currently serving as Strayer’s University “Ambassador,” to influence others to excellence.
Dr. Ammons has Master’ s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas in Arlington and was conferred with a Doctor of Foreign Business & Missions Degree from Abundant Faith Christian University in Jackson, Mississippi.
He also pastored the Fountain of Grace Church in Arlington for seven years and was a member of First United Methodist and St. Peters Lutheran churches while growing up in Liberia.

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