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Stop Sande, Poro Bush Business In Monrovia’ …Traditional Chief Announces

By Precious D. Freeman
The Head of Traditional Chiefs in Liberia, Zanzan Karwor says bush schools and other traditional practices should not be allowed in Monrovia because it is the capitol city.
Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia yesterday, the traditional chief mentioned that such practices are to be performed in villages and not in cities.
According to him, some traditional people in the city are seen carrying out traditional bush practices which is not decent in the city.
Chief Karwor narrated how the UNDP, the Government of Liberia and other international partners went to traditional people to put stop to the Sande and Poro practices in the country, and that they did the first one year signing and have just started the last three-year signing in order to suspend the practices.
“After the Internal Affairs Minister and the Traditional leaders signed the document to postpone the Sande practices for three years, I appointed people and instructed the head of the committee, Vice President of Liberia Jewel Howard Taylor along with Queen Julie Endee, Gender Ministry and the Internal Affairs Ministry to close down the bush, and in a possible time the committee will be going in the various villages in order to stop the harmful practices,” Chief karwor disclosed.
He stressed that the reason for appointing the Vice President as the head of the committee is because she is an elder in Suakoko District and that she is not a small woman when it comes to Sande practices.
However, he is appealing to those in the Sande bush to come out of there in order for them to be counted for the National census, adding that census is not only for government but it is beneficiary to all citizens and brings development of the country.
“I’m appealing to all traditional leaders to make themselves available for the counting and be prepared as the taxforce will be ready next month on the seventh to straighten Montserrado County,” he said.
“Since we are bringing the people outside from the Sande Bush, we do not want them to be roaming all over, so we have four areas in four counties where we are going to train them in making mats, soaps and other things in order for them to have somewhere to live,” he mentioned.
He stated further that he is not taking them from the bush to stop the culture but to train them and be able to know the bad from the good ones.
Meanwhile, he is calling on political parties to respect the peace citizens enjoy.
According to him, he heard that the ruling party CDC has a petition to present on the 17th of this month, and that CPP will likewise go out to rally.
He furthered that he acknowledged that President Weah sent a letter to the CDC Chairman asking him to postpone their event in order for peace to reign in the country.
Chief Karwor also noted that the President is giving the other parties chance to present their petition but it should be done peacefully so that it does not disrupt the excitement the citizens have for the Christmas.
He made reference to the Liberian civil war that came disturbing all baby mothers, children and everybody and prayed for it not to be repeated.
He appreciated the ruling party for taking bold steps in putting hold to their event because Liberians have nowhere to go for shelter.
“I am appealing to the CPP head that they should present their petition in a peaceful way, and should put Liberia first in everything that they do,” he stated.

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