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“Stop Politicizing Situations; Make Laws!
-Pro-temp Chides Colleagues

By Bill W. Cooper
The President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Chie is urging his colleagues to make law to protect citizens instead of politicizing situations or based them on sympathy.
The Grand Kru County Senator expressing regret over the Gloria Scott situation admonished the senators to enact laws that will ensure the protection of past and current government officials.
“Although, we regret the situation, we cannot act nor do anything out the law. So, I advised that we make laws that will protect all of us. You have to make certain decisions and those decisions will live after you,” he responded to the concerns of the Grand Bassa County Senator.
Senator Johnson then recommended to his colleagues that the first law to be crafted and passed should be to allow lawmakers carry fire arms as means of protection.
With direct reference to the Monrovia City police who carry firearms, Sen. Johnson said, “If the MCC police can carry firearm when they are not allowed to do so, then what more about us as senators that are being targeted on a daily basic? So, I suggest that we pass a law giving us lawmakers the right to own firearms for self-protection.”
“If this is how the Pro-temp wants to behave, then I suggest that we make a law allowing us to carry fire arms because we as lawmakers’ life are now at stake,” he stated.
“And if that is done, I dare any soul to come near my house; he or she will know what I can do or did to protect Nimba County and the citizenry of this country,” he emphatically stated.
But Pro-temp Chie without allowing Senator Johnson’s word to land stated, “Sen. Johnson please respect yourself or else I will put you out of session. Who are you? That your thing you can do, don’t ever try it on me.”
He exclaimed, “I am not an ordinary person in here, and don’t do that to me again. More to that, if you don’t respect yourself, we will definitely throw you outside.”
However, the comments from the presiding angered several senators including Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson, Steve Zargo, Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, Darius Dillon and Prince Moye who further stressed that what had happened to Justice Scott is scaring and showed that security sector of the country is weak needs quick intervention.
According to them, it would also be prudent that the Pro-temp allows them as senators to treat the matter with seriousness and urgency on grounds that it could be any of them or others in government.
It was Senator Karnga-Lawrence’s concerns that ignited the discussion when she informed that body regarding the attack at the home of Cllr. Scott in Brewerville, District 17 on Wednesday night and complained that it would be prudent for the Senate to take serious action in providing security for the former Chief Justice including other key officials that serve government.
She reminded her colleagues that the former Chief Justice complained on two occasions of her life being threatened by unknown individuals but alleged that the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police failed to ensure the protection of her life prior to the incidents.
She stressed the need for the Ministry of Justice along with the Liberia National Police to be invited to answer why they refused to provide security or investigate the allegation before its reoccurrence.
Meanwhile, the Liberian Senate then mandated the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to ensure the provision of 24-hours security for Cllr. Scott and her family.
The Senate also cited the LNP and the MoJ to appear next Tuesday to show cause why they were unable to address concerns of treats against Madam Scott after she had complained about assassination against her life prior to the incident.
The senators added that there was a need that the Liberian Senate invites all relevant security authorities to address the unfortunate situation.
It is now that the Liberia National Police is investigating into the incident and according to the release signed by Police Spokesman, Moses Carter, Madam Scott, who is now under appropriate police protection, reported some days ago in a radio interview that her family had experienced several attempts from suspected burglars to enter her home at night. This report led to an increase in police patrol in the area.
Preliminary findings from Wednesday night incident which occurred about 9:30pm, as narrated by Madam Scott, revealed that a man who was part of a crew she hired to carry out some construction work at her residence remained hidden inside at the end of the work day, while his colleagues had retired for the day.
The man, who Former Chief Justice Scott said she had observed during the day of looking somewhat “strange” attacked her family at night and killed one of her daughters when he was tackled.
However, he said the preliminary investigation already showed no evidence of a break-in and therefore the police is currently in search of the suspected robbers and is urging the public to come forth with any information that will aid its investigation.

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