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‘Stop Meddling Into Politics’ …Regional CSO Head Advises Liberian Civil Society Groups

By Alex Yomah
The West African Civil Society Organization Forum (WACSOF), Regional Secretary General, Komlan Messie, has advised WACSOF-Liberia chapter to avoid meddling into local politics in Liberia, noting that the role of civil society advocacy in society is different from the role of political parties.
The Regional CSOs Secretary General also called on WACSOF-Liberia chapter to be neutral in their advocacy for social justice and against societal ills in Liberia.
He asserted that CSOs should talk about politics and desist from joining political parties, stating that the role of the two groups cannot coexist.
Speaking to reporters yesterday during a daylong workshop held at the Corina Hotel in Sinkor, Mr. Komlan indicated that the role of a political party is squarely intended to take state power, while Civil Society Groups make noise for the right things to be done.
“A political party’s ultimate goal is to take state-power in every society but civil society groups are neutral while its role is to advocate against societal ills,” he said.
Alluding to the essence of the CSOs workshop, he said the gathering was intended for WACSOF to educate its Liberian counterparts to organize themselves to be suited for ECOWAS’ policies intervention in the member states- which among other things, intended to implement policy to improve human rights, good governance, women rights listed in 18 thematic areas, and etc.
He said, for instance, CSOs in Liberia who are human rights, health and energy will remain in said thematic areas, to be placed in the ECOWAS thematic areas and work with ECOWAS in WACSOF- which is a group organized as a dialogue group with ECOWAS.
According to the regional Secretary General, WACSOF envisions a well-organized and vibrant civil society in West Africa, which contributes to the attainment, stable and prosperous West African region, free of violent conflict and characterized by democracy, human rights, good governance, rule of law, constitutionalism, social justice and economic prosperity.

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