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Steve Tequah Supporters Still Want Recount, Rerun In R’ Cess

Agents and supporters of independent senatorial candidate Steve Tequah in Rivercess County are calling for a recount and rerun of certain areas in the just ended senatorial elections in the county.
The group said it has already filed a “Bill of Information” to the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) on the matter.
The group, comprising of agents and supporters said they are of the strong conviction that the process was marred by “fraud, irregularities and discrepancies” for which they are making such request.
According to the agents, they want a recount in 104 polling places and a rerun in an area known as Neexoin precinct polling places where they believed the seal was tampered with.
They said when they observed those acts, they raised the issues on December 15, but the assigned magistrate, David Logan ruled that there was “no magnitude” in their claims.
Still not satisfied, they proceeded to the Board of Commissioners of NEC, which withheld their prayer for a recount of seven polling places.
They said this exercise provided enough evidence that there were irregularities, fraud and discrepancies, thus compelling them to file the Bill of Information, now before NEC’s Board.
Following the December 8, 2020 special senatorial election, NEC declared Geevon Smith, journalist, winner in that part of the country. But this was challenged by his rival Steve Tequah, also a journalist alleging of fraud, irregularities and discrepancies.
Meanwhile the representatives of candidate Tequah are looking up to NEC for proper redress of their complaints, as they are prepared to substantiate their claims.

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