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Stakeholders Decry Poor Match Officiating

Stakeholders in the Liberia Football Association Lower Women’s League have decried poor officiating of matches, which they insist is rampant in the league.
Speaking in an exclusive interview recently, World Girls Acting President, Richard Y. Watkins, said the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Lower Women’s League is improving, but there are lot of lapses from the referees in officiating matches.
Watkins explained that the LFA Lower Women’s League is improving on a daily basis, but bad officiating might be a hindrance to its progress.
“Referees need to reach the standard to educate our girls through proper officiating, instead of killing the beauty of the game.” The World Girls Boss explained.
He urged the Liberia Football Referee Association (LIFRA) to assign top referees to games in the Lower female league because, according to him, that’s where the development of the players’ understanding of the game begins.
“I have watched all World Girls games. I am a former player and former coach who knows the game; I think the referees need to double up,” Watkins continued.
Watkins also stated that the Liberia Football Association needs to pay more attention to the lower female league by investing more money into the competition, because that is the foundation of talents right now.
For his part, Republic FC President, Essiaka L. Kromah, said the lower league is a league with serious competition, where you can see a lot of talented players.
He added that the lower league needs serious attention because it is the pathway to the Upper Women’s League
The Republic FC President explained that you can see a top scorer, goalkeeper, and team in the lower league, adding that there is more competition in the lower Women’s league, which the Liberia Football Association needs to keep a key focus on.
Kromah concluded that the lower league is a seriously competitive league, adding, “You can’t send beginner referees to our league who don’t know the laws of the game.”
Also speaking, Kneeling Warriors Secretary General, George Bryant explained that the referees officiating the Lower Women league games are not performing, adding that they are not really doing well.
George Bryant also narrated that they need top referees that will help boost the players’ performance
The SG mentioned that the main problem is that most of the referees are inexperienced; more of them are not reading and they don’t understand the law of the game.
Bryant concluded that he hopes the LFA will listen to their cry as they seek a better lower female league.

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