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St. Thomas Episcopal Church, LMI Hold One-day Free Diabetes Checkups Exercise

By Bill W. Cooper

The Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, in collaboration with Liberia Medicals Incorporated (LMI), has conducted a remarkable initiative by hosting a one-day event, offering free diabetes checkups for the community.

The church premises were transformed into a healthcare hub on the occasion, aimed at creating awareness about the importance of diagnosing and managing diabetes, knowing your health status, among others.

The event, organized and brought together by LMI medical team from diaspora and its local medical professionals, including the St. Thomas Church medical professionals, further attracted a significant turnout from the community.

The objective was not only to offer free medical services, but also to educate individuals about the various aspects of diabetes, including prevention and care and other health challenges, and ways to stay healthy at all times.

The LMI delegation was headed by its Chief Executive Officer, Lowell R. Dargbeh, and wife, Martha S. Dargbeh, followed by Patience Selma, Massaboi Sloan, Darwosu Borbor, Alice Penue, and Matina Cummings.

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church team was comprised of Fr. Michael T. Sie, Fr. Allen Gaye, Richard J. Doe, and Ibrahim F. Ajami.

From early morning until late afternoon, a team of doctors and nurses professionally carried out the diabetes checkups, as one of the key features of the event was the comprehensive nature of the health screenings.

Attendees underwent thorough examinations, consisting of blood glucose level testing, blood pressure measurements, body mass index (BMI) calculations, and other relevant assessments.

The medical professionals ensured that each participant received personalized attention and walked away with a comprehensive understanding of their diabetes risk factors.

In an interaction with the team, LMI CEO said their aim was to help attendees manage diabetes through lifestyle modifications, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise, and to encourage them to ask questions and share their concerns, enabling a dialogue that contributed to their broader understanding of diabetes management.

He added that the impact of the initiative went beyond the immediate health benefits, thanking the Church and team for the warm welcome and hospitality afforded them to be a blessing to Liberia.

On behalf of the church, Fr. Michael Sie expressed his profound gratitude towards the LMI team for choosing his edifice as one of the centers to enable Liberians get their free diabetes checkups.

He said, looking at the locality of the church, he was optimistic that the initiative would achieve its goal of raising awareness about diabetes and equipping individuals with knowledge to lead healthier lives.

Fr. Sie maintained that the one-day free diabetes checkups exercise further stands as a testament to the power of community engagement, healthcare accessibility, and education.

He added that the church’s efforts in addressing the pressing issue of diabetes in the community will undoubtedly continue to resonate for years to come, serving as a shining example of the positive impact that a united community can have in tackling health challenges.

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