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Speed Breakers Placed On Streets In Monrovia, Surroundings

Government says it will place speed breakers on various paved roads or streets in Monrovia and its surroundings, in an effort to reduce the numerous accidents occurring nowadays by motorists from unnecessary speeding.

Public Works and Transport Ministries, and the National Secretariat of the National Road Fund (NRF’s), that are implementing the initiative, said the intent is meant to reduce the over-speeding by motorists in and around the Capital, Monrovia.

These institutions said over-speeding by operators of cars, motorbikes, tricycles, and other moving objects, have led to numerous accidents, causing either death or serious injuries to passengers and drivers alike.

According to an advertisement aired on state-owned broadcaster (ELBC) for some time now, the streets or roads where these bumps are to be erected include the Ahmed Sekou Toure and Haile Selassie Avenues, Tubman Boulevard, running through the Sinkor District, Dixville and Johnsonville Roads, Japanese Freeway, formerly Somalia Drive, and other places. 

Speed breakers, also known as speed bumps, are raised areas on the road that are designed to slow down vehicles as they pass over them.

They are often used to discourage speeding in residential areas or near schools, where pedestrians and other vulnerable road users may be present.

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