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South East Student Grouping Backs Rep. Zarzar Senatorial Quest

A student-based organization styled South-East University Students Association, has endorsed the Senatorial bid of Sinoe County District 3 Representative, Matthew G. Zarzar.
South-East University Students Association is non-governmental and focuses on the promotion of students as well as the general population of the southeast with key emphasis on peace and good governance.
In a petition statement presented to Representative Zarzar on Monday, February 20, 2023 on Capitol Hill, the group said Chairpersons from all member counties alongside executives gathered in Greenville from February 6- 12, 2023 for one week to discuss challenges of the southeast in terms of leadership and representation ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.
“As a tradition; ahead of every election in the region, a national retreat is held, and the delegates selected Sinoe County District 3 Representative; Matthew Gee Zarzar as our senatorial candidate,” they explained.
The petition under the signatures of Alfred Teah and James Duehnyen Carter III, Secretary General and National Chairman respectively, said the selection of Hon. Matthew Gee Zarzar, stemmed from his outstanding role as a Legislator including contributions made toward the democratic governance of the region and the country.
The student body said that Representative Matthew G. Zarzar believes in strong legislative skills, adherence to the voice of the people, contribution to human resource capacity building specifically through sponsorship, support for the establishment of the Sinoe Community College, the upgrading and improvement of the Juarzon Public High School are among reasons to support him.
They added that Representative Zarzar’s provision of scholarship to young people, tolerance for other leaders and people of the county who oppose him, patience exercised to refrain from contesting two separate occasions which saw the ascendency of former Senator, now Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe and Senator Augustine Chea in the spirit of balanced leadership and several others’ initiatives aimed at improving the livelihood of the people of Sinoe County have won their admiration.
“We therefore present this special honor and herewith endorse you as our Senatorial candidate of Sinoe County in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections,” they added.
Meanwhile, Representative Matthew G. Zarzar has accepted the petition and vowed to work in the interest of the county and its people at all times.

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