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Solway Mining Under Scam Attack? …Fingers Pointed At Unnamed Local Official

The Solway Mining Liberia Inc. is said to be under what has been described as a high level of scam attack to have its projects in Nimba County stolen by one of theirs.
An investigation conducted by this paper has uncovered that a local official of Solway Mining Liberia Inc. has engaged in a campaign of turning the project to another company in exchange of cash, near the population of Nimba where Solway has just announced the discovery of “highest and thickest zones of iron ores.”
“The local official called our old people to say that they should reject Solway and that he will bring new investors who will give them 3 million dollars. The old people called us to explain to us as the youths here. We told them that they should know that the local official has been promising them several times and he is just known as an expert in lying and scamming,” the investigation disclosed.
During the regime of slain Liberian President Samuel K. Doe, he took 5 million from the late President Doe and promised to bring rice in the country, but he ran away and did not come back to Liberia until Taylor’s regime.
“Also, during the regime of former President Charles G. Taylor he was doing rubber business for Taylor and duped him by disguising himself as a woman and ran away. Now he is here again in President George Manneh Weah’s regime trying to dupe investors,” A youth from Nimba, who spoke on condition of anonymity, divulged.
The Liberia News Network, LNN, in its December 9, 2022 Edition, reported that Solway Mining Inc. is said to have denied reports that it is not a subsidiary of Solway Inc. Swiss AG, which is opting to have mineral rights in Liberia.
Contrary to the LNN report, the investigation has also shown that Solway Mining Liberia Inc. is a legal subsidiary of Solway Swiss AG.
The investigation further uncovered that the local official in question has 25 percent share in the company, but astonishingly he has been trying inaudibly to have the company sold to another company without the knowledge of Solway Swiss.
When Solway Swiss got the hint, he categorically denied only to finally unveil his plan by going to Nimba to negotiate with the local population. This started after the company had announced the discovery of high grade of iron ores.
“The local official told our old people that he is bringing HPX to give them millions of dollars,” another youth of Nimba County, who also begged not to be named, disclosed.

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