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Solar Light Makes Headways In Liberia

By Precious D. Freeman
As electricity had been a dire need in the country for years, an acclaimed company, Power Solution Incorporated, has introduced new ways of helping to improve the electricity system in the country by supplying Liberians with solar lights, street lights, wall lights and solar systems that can pick up freezers, air conditions, light bulbs and televisions. The General Manager of the company, Juliet N. Harris said they started this business two years ago and that the purpose of introducing this access to modern electricity is because the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is not in most parts of Liberia.
According to her, the lights can be used at homes, factories, and even Production Companies, and the benefit it has is getting to know about the solar, because most of the solar products from other countries are not always guarantee, but as for them they educate their clients on how their products work based on the voltage in their houses and the hours it will last for, based on their financial potency.
According to the Consultant of the business, Albert N. Forh apart from solar they are also involved in civilization of generator where they can go into integration of solar without battery, which is getting a reference voltage and making use of the sun.
He added that since the introduction of their products, about 25 persons from ELWA, Robertsfield Highway and Brewerville have benefited, and intend to go to the hinterlands to create awareness to people about the importance of solar lights.
“As times goes by and when things improve, I will like to contribute to the country not only for solar but also to teach people how to do programming because as a controller there are lots of programming and software that are needed to be taught, so I want to bring the knowledge into the country, “he said.
The Consultant added that Solar Power Solution is going to make the difference to help Liberians stand and benefit, and to also educate them and make them to understand about solar and the use of it; they will also be able to monitor their system via the internet by calling electricians to help them out.
Mr. Forh said their office is at the Duport Road Junction and also Iron Gate, and he is also encouraging Liberians to make use of the introduced products which can be reliable and very useful to all.

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