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Soko Adama Dorley Fulfills
Campaign Promise
…Donates Drugs Worth Over US$10,000 To Bomi

A former candidate in the December 8, senatorial election in Bomi County has donated some drugs and other medical supplies worth more than US$10,000 to several clinics and health facilities in the county.
Mr. Soko Adama Dorley informed the citizens during his campaign toured in the county that most of the health facilities were facing difficulties noting, “I am responding to the health needs of our people because during my campaign I noticed the shortage of drugs and other medical supplies for hundreds of people visiting the various medical facilities.”
He lamented that sometimes baby mothers, pregnant women and children visiting the clinics are turned down as the result of lack of drugs in the clinics and on numerous occasions while health workers had to prescribe drugs for patients to buy before they can administer treatment.
According to Mr. Dorley, the drugs were purchased based on the prescriptions made by the County’s Health Team and at the same time informed the clinic staffs that the medicines he donated are not expired.
He said despite he did not win the December 8, 2020 Senatorial Election in Bomi County, he cannot deny the people of the county the development and assistances he promised them.
Health facilities that benefited from Mr. Dorley’s drugs and medical supplies distribution includes; the Jenneh Community Clinic, Bonjeh Community Clinic, Votor Community Clinic, Beh Town Clinic, Dagweh Town Community Clinic, Tulaamun Clinic, amongst others health facilities in Bomi County.
Speaking to citizens and clinic staff at the Bonjeh Town clinic, Wednesday September 8, 2021, where he has gone to present the drugs and medical supplies, Mr. Dorley said his assistance was his way of identifying and contributing to the medical needs of the people of Bomi County.
“He told his people that their tears will be swept away as he presented the drugs and medical supplies to the Paykue.” Presenting the medical drugs to, Aminata Paykue, the OIC of the Bonjeh Community Clinic, Mr. Dorley said, “We give you this medicine to help serve our people. I hope these medical drugs will be used to serve our people that are in need of medications.”
He stressed the need for the people of Bomi County to put their political differences aside and work together in order to carry on development in the country.
The former Bomi county senatorial candidate reemphasized calls for unity amongst his kinsmen, adding that unity is the tool for Bomi in order to realize its potential, human capacity and infrastructural development that have been lacking up for the years.
Speaking further, Mr. Dorley told the people of Dewein District in Bomi County that his visit was to show gratitude for the level of support for him despite he didn’t win the December 8, 2020 senatorial post.
He assured the citizens that he will always work with his people to make sure that the needed development initiatives, such as good health facilities, improved education, and agriculture and roads connectivity are realized in Bomi County.
In response, the citizens of Bonjeh Town welcomed Mr. Dorley and presented with tradition of Kola and white chicken as one of their sons of Dewein District. They thanked him for his numerous contributions towards the people of Bomi County.
They named education, health, financial aids, and scholarships as well and loans as a way of empowering the women of Dewein District.
Presenting the chicken and the kola-nuts on behalf of the citizens of Bonjeh blee, the Dean of Elders of Bonjeh Town, Bendu M. Fofee, lauded Mr. Dorley for the visit.
Speaking further, Mrs. Fofee thanked Mr. Dorley and the Former Deputy Information Minister, Eugene L. Fahngon for the renovating the Bonjeh Town Public School that has been laying in ruins for over two decades now.
She said Mr. Dorley was the first Bomi County senatorial candidate to lost election and come back to say thanks to them for participating in the process and assured that Dorley will always be remembered in the body politics of Bomi County.
Receiving the drugs and the medical supplies on behalf of the clinic the Officer –In-Charge (OIC) of the Bonjeh Town Community Clinic, Aminata K. Paykue, thanked Mr. Dorley for identifying with the people of Bonjeh Town and its communities.
The Bonjeh Clinic OIC in her appreciation to Mr. Dorley, she said, “We know that you brought these medical drugs to this clinic from the depth of your heart. We want to say thank you to your family. When you go back, please extend thanks to them because it takes the heart of God to do what you did for the people of Bonjeh Town and its surrounding communities.”
She said though it looks little, but the assistance came at the right time when they were in dire need of medicines to treat the people who come to the clinic to seek medical cares.
The DRHS of Dewein District, Mabel Y. Adesina praised Mr. Dorley for the donation to the people of Dewein District in Bomi County and appeal a solar panel energy or generator to help reduce the hardship in doing their work.
Also speaking on behalf of the chiefs of Dewein District , Paramount Chief Konah Mark thanked Mr. Dorley for coming back to say thank you to his people for voting for him during the December 20, 2020 senatorial election in Bomi county. He said the Dey people are proud of him by the level of gratitude shown them after the conduct of the senatorial election in Bomi County in December 2020 senatorial electoral processes.

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