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Society Of Women Engineers Conference Ends In Nimba

By Solomon T Gaye
A conference of the Society of Women Engineers of Liberia, geared towards promotion of the participation of women in engineering, has ended in Ganta, Nimba County.
Speaking at the opening of the conference, the president of the organization, Winnie Dilah, told participants that the conference was designed to encourage female participations to study engineering or engineering related courses in the country.
“The female engineers president of Ghana, Enyonam Korkpena, and president of Sierra Leone institute of engineers, Trudy Morgan, are here and are proud of all of us, and thank us for choosing to be the designers of the world,” Dilah said.
During the beginning of February 2024, the Engineering Society of Liberia held a three-day conference at the Jackie’s Guest House in Ganta, Nimba County, under the watchful eyes of visiting engineering guests from Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Liberia.
The three-day conference brought together over 113 engineers and students studying engineering courses at various universities in the country.
Speaking on series of issues, president Dilah disclosed that plans are underway to recruit female students interested to study engineering courses to attend the Nimba Community University in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.
“We will lobby with our partners to raise money to provide scholarships for female engineering students, because we want more females to develop interest to study engineering,” Dilah pledged.
Speaking on behalf of Sierra Leone’s female engineers, Trudy Morgan thanked the organizers of the conference to host such a program that is designed to encourage more females to study engineering in colleges or vocational institutes.
Speaking in separate remarks, Enyonam Korkpena of Ghana asserted that the program will encourage many of the female students to create interest in engineering courses upon graduation from high school in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

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