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Snowe Gets More Condemnations For Proposing Muslim Holidays

The General Overseer and Pastor of Eagles Chapel Glorious Land Int’l (Fire for Fire) has blasted Rep. Edwin M. Snowe for his recently propose Religious Holidays Bills submitted at the Liberian Senate for Legislation.
Rev. Ben Karbah in a statement released said currently the country is in dare need of better infrastructure and employment opportunities than additional holidays to the already 11 existing ones in the country.
He said leaders should always think wisely and for the general good of everyone before taking a decision.
“Even some of the already existing eleven holidays are no longer being observed by the people due to poverty than you are talking about additional new ones,” he stated.
The Clergyman said due to the abject poverty the people are undergoing they go out on holidays to sell in order to find something to eat just for that day.
He challenge the lawmaker to join his colleagues to work to bring more investors in the country which will create more employment and improve the economy than creating more holidays to strangulate the economy.
The Reverend also warn Rep. Snowe to stop this act of using politics to further divide the country, stating that the Representative is not the spokesman of the Church in Liberia and that the Church is not advocating for Religious holiday.
“Other countries around the world are developing and succeeding because of hard work. We need our Freeport of Monrovia from the hands of those that are over charging for custom duties. These are the things that are making this country hard,” he lambasted.
He said, Liberia can develop but only if the citizens can change their minds and attitudes from the ways they do things.
In concluding, Rev. Karbah recommended that government get involve in food production to help boom the agro sector and to improve the economy and also warning politicians to stop hiding behind religion to accomplish their political game.
It can be recalled that recently in a Facebook post on Sunday, May 23, 2021, Senator Snowe averred, “This week, I will be introducing three landmarks legislations on the floor of the Liberian Senate. I hereby call on my colleagues in the legislature as well as the general public to give these legislations their fullest support for passage.”
Senator Snowe’s proposed bills include; “An Act Making Easter Monday a Public Holiday; An Act Making Eid al-Adha (Abraham’s Day) a Public Holiday; and An Act Making Eid al-Fitr (End of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Festival of Breaking Fast) a Public Holiday.”
Since the submission of these legislations by the Bomi County Senator, the public’s reactions have put serious pressure on the lawmaker whom according to report had to abscond session when his communication was first introduced.

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