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Sheikh Kante Shoulders
Burial Costs Of Stampede Victims

By Bill W. Cooper
In earnestly keeping to his words to help underwrite the funeral costs of victims of the tragic stampede incident that occurred recently, a Businessman and Philanthropist, Sheikh Bassirou Kante, on Sunday visited various funeral homes along with family members of the victims to witness payments and got receipts of his commitment.
Out of the 29 persons who didn’t survive, 17 corpse’s funeral services were paid for at the “Maureen Capehart Funeral Home” in Caldwell and the “Borough Funeral Home” in New Kru Town, while family members who buried their relatives due to some conditions of their relatives’ remains were also met with and given tokens to help cover whatever expenses they might have gone through.
Mr. kante also presented to the management and team of the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, a total of 100 bags of 25kg rice and 100 gallons of oil as means of appreciation.
Presenting the items, the Liberian Philanthropist noted that the gesture is his own way of consoling the bereaved family, who according to him are in dire need of help during these critical times.
“My decision is also intended to help alleviate some of the pains the bereaved families and love ones are now going through since the loss of their family members during the Kru Town stampede on January 19,” he said.
He then commended all those who have one way or the other contributed or identified the victims’ families, something he said is the right thing to do amidst the country’s economic quagmire.
Mr. Kante then encouraged any family member who may have been affected to meet with him in order to help cover all of their expenditure, adding, “If you or your family were affected and need help with funeral cost, please call me now.”
He further clarified that his gesture to the bereaved families is not intended for any political gain and wanting to seek political office instead, just a means to be a blessing to those that are mourning.
“My decision to help my follow Liberians is not for political needs but just to help them because I know what it takes to lose a love one. I am not seeking any political office, so if you ever see me on any ballot paper or whatsoever, please do not vote for me,” Mr. Kante stressed.
Recently, Businessman Kante took to his social media page promising to cover about 100 percent the cost at funeral homes’ handling of any of the bodies from the New Kru Town stampede calamity.

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