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“Shame On You” -Lewis Brown Tells Critics

By Bill W. Cooper
One of the lead organizers of the much anticipated December 17, rally dubbed “We Tired Suffering”, Lewis Brown has strongly blasted some members of the opposition community for criticizing and rejecting their planned rally.
Mr. Brown who is the head of ‘Team Cummings’ among other things stressed that it baffles him to see or hear some members of opposition parties condemning and criticizing their decision to host a peaceful rally in the interest of the citizenry on grounds that the organizers do not have the moral rectitude to do so.
“Shame on you! I am not going to call names because I have promised not to respond to anyone of them but that all I can say to our critics especially our colleagues from the very same opposition we are part of, is that ‘woe onto you’ for not having the courage to stand up for a good cause for the people,” he said.
Ambassador Brown made the assertion yesterday, when along with his team updated the public about the rally at their Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) headquarters in Monrovia.
However, the CPP man’s anger was triggered following series of criticisms and condemnations from the public including some political parties and prominent citizens all distancing themselves from the process on grounds that it is not timely and have some political undertone.
According to them, though it is a good venture for Liberians to exercising their constitutional rights by gathering in their numbers to call on their government about the governance of the country; those organizing the rally are the once that have already undermined the entire process.
“We do support our citizens coming out to exercise their rights to protest or stage a peaceful rally but our concern has been and is, that some of the organizers do not have the moral rectitude to mobilize and put our people in the streets because their aim is to illusively score political goals,” they added.
But according to Mr. Brown who was also Liberia’s former Information Minister, he doesn’t care about how people see or slander him as long as what he is doing is in the best interest of some people and the country at large.
“They can slander me or say whatever they want but I have come to caution you that you should not let them slander your cause or allow yourself to be scared. Don’t give-up or give in when you know that your cause is just and you’re right,” he admonished.
Commenting on the December 17 rally, Mr. Brown stated further that their mass citizens’ action is on course and that no number of threats from the regime and its supporters or their colleagues from the opposition community can cower organizers into submission.
He noted that tens of thousands will converge outside of the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Complex and other parts of greater Monrovia on December 17, to demonstrate against President George Weah and his government’s insensitivity to the plight of the Liberian people and his poor handling of the country since his ascendency.
“The Weah led government has become very unpopular due to its incompetence and rampant nature and corruption, and what we have seen from the people in the past few years and months is a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in this regime and this rally is meant to validate or solidify that stance by our people,” Brown emphasized.
“We are in a difficult time, and for many Liberians, it is becoming only worse, and this peaceful rally is meant to call the attention of the government to the high cost of living and alarming poverty in the country,” he noted.
Brown added, “So, it is not about Mr. Alexander Cummings, Lewis Brown and his organizers or the CPP or any of the constituent parties in the collaboration as being insinuated by our friends from the opposition and the government, instead, it is the people’s cause, and we must ensure their voices are heard come December 17, 2022.

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