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Sewage Disposal Rocks Residents In Nimba

By Solomon Gaye
The working relationship between workers of ArcelorMittal and residents of Yekepa has turned sour over sewage (waste) disposal in Nimba County.
Speaking to this paper in Yekepa, Thomas Timah pointed accusing fingers at AML for bringing waste tankers from Buchanan to dump it in Diayea River in Yekepa.
According to old man Timah, the river is serving many towns and communities in Yekepa, and villages around the Yekepa region.
Speaking on behalf of the community dwellers in Yekepa, Chief Elder Timah revealed the residents’ fear of a potential outbreak of waterborne and other incurable diseases.
Angry residents on April 17, 2024, seized an AML waste tanker at the immigration check point in Sanniquellie, but it was rescued by the Police.
ArcelorMittal steel sewage plant is situated in Yekepa on top of the Diayea River.
The river is supplying many surrounding towns and villages along the Yekepa and Republic of Guinea belt.
Speaking on the same issue, Martha Tuazama frowned at AML for bringing waste from Buchanan to Yekepa.
“We the community dwellers use this river to take bath and cook food; we are scared and calling on the government to intervene,” Madam Tuazama lamented.
When this paper contacted the AML central office in Yekepa, they said the AML management team is in discussion with Living Water International to form partnership for the construction of water kiosks in Yekepa and other mining communities.
According to AML, assessment of the various sites is due to start on May 2, 2024.

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