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Several Murder Suspects Released In Nimba Victim’s Mother Cries For Justice

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
A resident of Nimba County is appealing to Ministry of Justice to ensure that she gets justice for her deceased son, Lawrence Gonwoe, as several murder suspects resurface in the county.
She alleged that a resident identified as Samson Mehn allegedly attacked and killed her son Lawrence for L$100 in a place called the Valley Community in Ganta on July 2, 2019.
Though she explained that some family members had begged her for out-of-court settlement to have Samson released, she refused yet he is not in prison and she is confused because now she does not know his whereabouts.
Reports also say that the four suspects charged with the crime of Murder in connection with Aaron Albert’s death and Dahnkuan Tarr in Dolay Town have resurfaced in the district and are said to be going about their normal activities.
Suspects Luah Karzon, Bill Geayon , Johnson Vaye, and Dahngbay Dahn have been allegedly released and are parading freely in the lower Nimba belt.
Recently, family sources in Ganta also alarmed over the alleged release of pastor Lulu Falapy Fanandez who is charged with statutory rape by LNP and sent to prison in Sanniquellie by the Ganta Magisterial Court pending trial.
When contacted, the CSD Commander in Sanniquellie, Oscar Sayeh, confirmed the arrest and detention of the four suspects who were charged with Murder on June 6, 2019.
The Criminal Investigation Department boss told this paper that sometime in early June, the four suspects allegedly shot Aaron Albert with single barrel gun thus killing him instantly and wounding Dahnkuan Tarr as well.
He explained that the four men defendants accused the two victims of attempting to steal a goat in the town which prompted their action.
The four suspects allegedly admitted to the crime during the preliminary investigation according to the Police and were charged with Murder, Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, and Criminal Mischief but how they were allegedly released, according to investigator Sayeh is not to his knowledge.
Speaking in separate remarks, the head of the Women and Children Section, Jenkins Mangou, confirmed the arrest and detention of Pastor Lulu Falapy Fanandez.
Mangoe told this paper that Pastor Fanandez was accused of impregnating a 15 years old girl living with him in Ganta and he was investigated and charged with statutory rape and sent to court; “but how he allegedly got released is not my business,” he stated.
When this paper contacted the 8th Judicial Circuit Court, Attorney John D. Miah mandated the reporter to visit the prison to find out from the administrations whether the information is true and return with a report to him before he speaks on the issue.
At the prison compound, the boss Kordor was absent and when contacted him via mobile phone, he respond angrily that correction officers assigned at the prison are not clothed with the authority to released prisoners.
“The court that sent prisoners is the same court that released prisoners and not us security personnel assigned to guard and protect the life of inmates,’ Kordor shouted.
“We are not even allowed to speak to the press about inmates until mandated by the Ministry of Justice in Monrovia,” the prison Superintendent Kordor said.

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