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Several Cartoons Of Rotten Fish Found In Fresh Frozen Food Warehouse, But…

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Ministry of Commerce workers in Nimba is said to have booked the Fresh Frozen Food (FFF) with several cartoons of rotten frozen food in Ganta, Nimba County.
The Fresh Frozen Food is operated by some Lebanese Nationals who is legally supplying marketers and other customers with fresh fish, chicken wings and other imported frozen food on a whole sale basis in the county.
Commerce Inspector Alphanso Miamen said the rotten food contained 45 cartoons of all kinds of fish that is being sold at US$ 26 and admitted that Commerce workers have already disposed of the 45 cartoons of rotten fish in accordance with its policy.
Commerce Inspector Miamen claimed that the cartoons of rotten fish were discovered by the MOC field agents during an inspection of business centers and other entertainment areas in the Bain-Garr District.
But contrary to the Commerce Inspector’s claim, the FFF management said that it was the company that alerted the Ministry’s team following its discovery of several cartoons of frozen fish that had gotten damaged in the warehouse as a result of the heavy down pour of rain over the weekend in the county.
The FFF management could not exactly state the total cartoons of fish that had been affected due to the rain but explained that upon the arrival of the MOC agents who carried a long rope and immediately quarantined certain portion of the warehouse, only informed management that their action was on grounds that the entire goods in the quarantine area were rotten and damaged.
The Fresh Frozen Food is the second company along with the Jungle Water Groups of Investment who have been hooked for still selling expired assorted goods in the county and hugely supplying the county and its surrounding neighbors yet the Ministry of Commerce officials are tight-lip on the penalty (if any) that is attached to such violations according to its policy.

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